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Short Answer Questions

1. With "City Flow" moving towards them in Heimaey, what do pumping crews do?

2. Sveinn Eiriksson is a man of:

3. In gallons, how much water is pumped onto the lava flows of Heimaey each day?

4. When does hot lava stop glowing red?

5. Why do residents of Heimaey hose down oncoming lava?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the views of Hawaiian natives towards volcanoes differ from the views of the U.S. Army Air Corps?

2. The author moves away from his discussion of Iceland's 1973 lava eruptions to talk about Hawaii's volcanoes. Describe what he writes about the U.S. Army Air Corps' attempts to stop lava from burying Hawaii's towns and cities.

3. How do the working crews stop the large chunk of mountain from crashing into Heimaey's town and port?

4. Is there any warning prior to the eruption in Heimaey that began on January 23, 1973?

5. Describe what happens to the north side of the growing volcano on Heimaey.

6. Who is Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson, and what idea does he come up with?

7. How is Heimaey's harbor altered after the eruptions and lava flows of 1973?

8. How old are the oldest parts of Hawaii and Iceland?

9. What hazards do workers face as they try to stop the lava flows?

10. What role does Magnus Magnusson play during the 1973 volcanic eruptions in Heimaey?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Louisiana's bayou life before and after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers develops the system of locks, gates, spillways, and structures to control the region's rivers.

Essay Topic 2

Using key characters from "Atchafalaya," show how groups of people (such as environmentalists, government officials, engineers, and residents) are in conflict with each other and with themselves in their attempts to deal with the challenging geography of the region.

Essay Topic 3

Part of the problem is that people settle into regions that are particularly hazardous: floodplains, active volcanic zones, and places prone to mountain landslides, brush fires, and earthquakes.

1. Using examples from the book, elaborate upon some of the reasons the author gives to explain why people settle in regions where natural forces are especially active, posing risks to the communities that develop there.

2. Is the author sympathetic or unsympathetic to man's plight in his efforts to control nature? Explain.

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