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Short Answer Questions

1. When does the author visit Vestmannaeyjar?

2. What does the author observe about historical attempts to control lava?

3. Why do residents of Heimaey hose down oncoming lava?

4. In gallons, how much water is pumped onto the lava flows of Heimaey each day?

5. When workers in Vestmannaeyjar hose down lava, why do they keep moving?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is threatened in Heimaey as a result of the unexpected volcanic eruption of 1973?

2. How does the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration protect its sensitive, expensive equipment against damaging lava in Hawaii?

3. What is the "City Flow?"

4. How do the views of Hawaiian natives towards volcanoes differ from the views of the U.S. Army Air Corps?

5. How do residents of Heimaey benefit from the cooling but still hot lava after the 1973 eruptions?

6. What role does Magnus Magnusson play during the 1973 volcanic eruptions in Heimaey?

7. What hazards do workers face as they try to stop the lava flows?

8. How do the working crews stop the large chunk of mountain from crashing into Heimaey's town and port?

9. The author moves away from his discussion of Iceland's 1973 lava eruptions to talk about Hawaii's volcanoes. Describe what he writes about the U.S. Army Air Corps' attempts to stop lava from burying Hawaii's towns and cities.

10. Describe how Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson and Sveinn Eiriksson work together to fight against the lava that threatens Heimaey's town and harbor.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Select an example from one of the three primary stories that describes people's efforts to control nature that actually work.

1. How are these efforts successful?

2. Who benefits, and how?

3. What, if anything, suffers?

4. Does the success appear to be short-lived or long-term?

Essay Topic 2

Using key characters from "Atchafalaya," show how groups of people (such as environmentalists, government officials, engineers, and residents) are in conflict with each other and with themselves in their attempts to deal with the challenging geography of the region.

Essay Topic 3

Describe life for the residents of Heimaey before and after their island erupts in 1973. How is life for the islanders different afterward? How is it worse? How is it better?

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