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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Valdimar Jonsson is a professor of what?
(a) Thermal fluids.
(b) Icelandic folklore.
(c) Mob mentality.
(d) Volcanic eruptions.

2. When the author recounts the moments before the 1973 eruption in Heimaey, he describes what?
(a) A loud, deep sound emanating from the volcano.
(b) An uncanny silence settling over the land.
(c) Vibrations that are not unusual for the region.
(d) A violent shaking of the ground.

3. Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson decides to try to stop the chunk of mountain moving towards Heimaey's town and harbor by:
(a) Blowing up the mountain with a thousand sticks of dynamite.
(b) Ordering a plane to drop a bomb on the mountain.
(c) Pumping seawater directly onto the mountain.
(d) Blocking the mountain with a natural barrier of cooled lava.

4. What does the author observe about historical attempts to control lava?
(a) They're usually not successful.
(b) Too many workers perish.
(c) Most have worked well.
(d) Lava is impossible to control.

5. Even though Hawaii's Hilo is often threatened by lava flows, Hilo has thus far been protected because:
(a) Of man-made barriers.
(b) A tall mountain stands between Hilo and the lava.
(c) A freshwater stream slows the lava flow.
(d) Flows stop within a dozen to one mile of the port.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sigurdur Steinthorsson monitor volcanic gases during the 1973 eruption?

2. What position does Magnus Magnusson hold in 1973?

3. How do the returning residents benefit from the cooled but still hot lava rocks on Vestmannaeyjar?

4. The Civil Defense Council in the Reykjavik National Emergency Center is established in 1962 as what?

5. After the eruptions of 1973 end, how many of Heimaey's evacuees return?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Heimaey's harbor altered after the eruptions and lava flows of 1973?

2. What is the population of Iceland's Heimaey before and after the 1973 eruptions?

3. What role does Magnus Magnusson play during the 1973 volcanic eruptions in Heimaey?

4. Who is Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson, and what idea does he come up with?

5. What hazards do workers face as they try to stop the lava flows?

6. Describe how Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson and Sveinn Eiriksson work together to fight against the lava that threatens Heimaey's town and harbor.

7. The author moves away from his discussion of Iceland's 1973 lava eruptions to talk about Hawaii's volcanoes. Describe what he writes about the U.S. Army Air Corps' attempts to stop lava from burying Hawaii's towns and cities.

8. Describe work crews' first attempts at cooling off the lava flows of Heimaey in 1973.

9. Describe what happens to the north side of the growing volcano on Heimaey.

10. Describe how Heimaey residents are evacuated following the eruptions that begin unexpectedly in 1973.

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