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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When workers in Vestmannaeyjar hose down lava, why do they keep moving?
(a) Because the lava flow keeps shifting.
(b) To stay warm in the cold climate.
(c) To keep their boots from burning up.
(d) To cool down other parts of the flow.

2. When does the author visit Vestmannaeyjar?
(a) Fifteen years after the collapse of the ice shelf.
(b) Fifteen years after the eruption.
(c) During the eruption.
(d) When the ice shelf collapses.

3. Sigurdur Jonsson is an Iceland resident who works on what?
(a) Polar bear protection.
(b) Pumping crews.
(c) Fishing boats.
(d) Tourism.

4. Over two centuries of recorded history, Mauna Loa erupts how often on average?
(a) Twice a year.
(b) Three times a year.
(c) Every three and a half years.
(d) Every twelve years.

5. The U.S. Army Air Corps' actions on an insulating vent on Mauna Loa volcano in 1935 result in what?
(a) Better seismic readings.
(b) Debris buildup and redirected lava flows.
(c) Temporary halt of lava flows.
(d) Cooled lava.

Short Answer Questions

1. Valdimar Jonsson is a professor of what?

2. For the most part, residents of Heimaey are what during the 1973 eruptions?

3. What does Magnus Magnusson tell Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson to protect first during the eruptions of 1973?

4. What does "City Flow" do in Heimaey?

5. During Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson's test run to cool lava by the coastline, what happens?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe Mauna Loa.

2. The author moves away from his discussion of Iceland's 1973 lava eruptions to talk about Hawaii's volcanoes. Describe what he writes about the U.S. Army Air Corps' attempts to stop lava from burying Hawaii's towns and cities.

3. How does the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration protect its sensitive, expensive equipment against damaging lava in Hawaii?

4. How old are the oldest parts of Hawaii and Iceland?

5. What is the "City Flow?"

6. What hazards do workers face as they try to stop the lava flows?

7. What role does Magnus Magnusson play during the 1973 volcanic eruptions in Heimaey?

8. Who is Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson, and what idea does he come up with?

9. Describe how workers are able to walk upon lava fields as they try to cool down the lava on Heimaey in 1973.

10. Describe what happens to the north side of the growing volcano on Heimaey.

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