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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cooling the Lava.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A navigation lock on the bank of the Mississippi River lowers ships down to where?
(a) Atlantic Ocean.
(b) Red River.
(c) Gulf of Mexico.
(d) Atchafalaya River.

2. The author mentions that when he met Rabalais, he wore what in his pocket?
(a) Checkered bandana.
(b) Red bandana.
(c) Silver pocket watch.
(d) Gold pocket watch.

3. During the fifty years between New Orleans' floods of 1735 and 1785, what does the author say brings a false sense of security against flooding?
(a) Extended, raised levees.
(b) Drought conditions.
(c) Concrete seawalls.
(d) Prosperous economic boom.

4. In a conversation between General Sands and Oliver Houck on a floating conference boat, what does the General remind Houck regarding the vital role of the U.S. Army Corps?
(a) The Corps keeps the region safe against criminals.
(b) The Corps is keeping his neighborhood safe from nine feet of water.
(c) No other organization has authority to control Louisiana's rivers.
(d) This is the only organization that has ever succeeded in maintaining order in New Orleans.

5. In the spring of 1973, what does the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers do to try to alleviate the tremendous force of water against the control structure?
(a) Purposely flood the entire region.
(b) Open up all eleven gates.
(c) Dam up water north of the structure.
(d) Dig a ditch to re-route the water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Results of the U.S. Army Air Corps' actions on an insulating vent on Mauna Loa volcano in 1935 cannot be confirmed because:

2. When does hot lava stop glowing red?

3. While aboard the Mississippi on his annual trip, General Sands tries to:

4. Thorbjorn Sigurgeirsson decides to try to stop the chunk of mountain moving towards Heimaey's town and harbor by:

5. After the U.S. Army Corps takes control of the Atchafalaya, Old Cajun bayou life is:

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