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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Atchafalaya.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Norris F. Rabalais was born and raised in what Louisiana parish?
(a) Avoyelles.
(b) West Feliciana.
(c) Evangeline.
(d) Concordia.

2. In the spring of 1973, what does the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers do to try to alleviate the tremendous force of water against the control structure?
(a) Dam up water north of the structure.
(b) Purposely flood the entire region.
(c) Open up all eleven gates.
(d) Dig a ditch to re-route the water.

3. In the early days of New Orleans, residents build their homes on what?
(a) Metal bridges.
(b) Natural levees.
(c) Concrete risers.
(d) Sand piles.

4. In the mid-1800s, the United States Congress passes a Swamp and Overflow Land Act to:
(a) Take away ownership rights.
(b) Evict land squatters.
(c) Create a new water control system.
(d) Deed swampland to individual states.

5. The author mentions that when he met Rabalais, he wore what in his pocket?
(a) Silver pocket watch.
(b) Checkered bandana.
(c) Gold pocket watch.
(d) Red bandana.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is commonly fished from the bayou regions around the Atchafalaya?

2. The author states that how much of New Orleans lies fifteen feet below sea level?

3. For how many years after the Old River Control begins does the operation appear to be successful?

4. Of the Old River Control Project, LeRoy Dugas, also known as Dugie, is what initially?

5. When floodwaters cover twenty-six thousand square miles in 1927, how is New Orleans saved?

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