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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cooling the Lava.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Old River Control began its operations in what year?
(a) 1988.
(b) 1917.
(c) 1931.
(d) 1963.

2. What does the U.S. Army Air Corps do to an insulating vent on Mauna Loa volcano in 1935?
(a) Bombs it.
(b) Fills it with boulders.
(c) Floods it with water.
(d) Attaches vibration sensors.

3. This book is a:
(a) Traditional history textbook.
(b) Historical nonfiction novel.
(c) Traditional science textbook.
(d) Science fiction novel.

4. The livelihood of approximately how many people is affected by the Old River Control?
(a) 13 hundred.
(b) 31 thousand.
(c) 3 thousand.
(d) 3 million.

5. In New Orleans' earliest days, French settlers begin to live there despite the fact that the area:
(a) Has practically no solid ground.
(b) Is plagued by giant storms on a weekly basis.
(c) Belongs to Spain.
(d) Is full of poisonous snakes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do doctors dispense to workers who are cooling down the lava in Iceland to soothe their hoarse throats?

2. With "City Flow" moving towards them in Heimaey, what do pumping crews do?

3. The Civil Defense Council in the Reykjavik National Emergency Center is established in 1962 as what?

4. Results of the U.S. Army Air Corps' actions on an insulating vent on Mauna Loa volcano in 1935 cannot be confirmed because:

5. Initially, Rabalais is hired as a construction inspector to watch for what at the navigation lock?

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