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The Atchafalaya River

This is a tributary of a larger river; its name means "long river" in Choctaw.

The Mississippi River

This flows by a most direct route to the Gulf. As silt deposits build up, it flows to lower levels that create a new course.

Old River Control

This is the keystone to prevent the Mississippi River from diverting into the Atchafalaya Basin.

Mississippi towboat

This object measures two hundred seventeen feet in length and fifty feet in width and is rated at four thousand horsepower.


These rise over time with sediment deposited close to the river. Spring runoff makes water run higher and overflow these.

Old River Control Auxiliary Structure

This is a three hundred million dollar new system designed and built with gates weighing twenty-six hundred tons and measuring sixty-two feet wide.

Morgan City

This place was founded by a man who relocated his...

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