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Short Answer Questions

1. Before they leave for the fight, who tells Alfred that he talked to a doctor at the clinic in Chapter 19?

2. In Chapter 13, Mr. Donatelli tells Alfred that it is time for him to get a custom-made what?

3. What time are Henry and Alfred supposed to be at Donatelli's gym in Chapter 14?

4. Alfred is told to do what to his opponent in Chapter 16?

5. Alfred's opponent in Chapter 18 goes after Alfred's arms and what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Alfred fight in his second fight in Chapter 16? How does the fight begin?

2. How does Alfred feel the day after the fight in Chapter 16? What happens at work?

3. How does Mr. Donatelli feel about the fight in Chapter 14? What does his gift represent to Alfred?

4. What leads up to Alfred's drinking at the clubhouse in Chapter 11?

5. How does Alfred feel the morning of his first fight in Chapter 14? What does he do?

6. How does Alfred feel when his friends encourage him to work with kids at the school teaching about boxing in Chapter 16?

7. How does the fight end in Chapter 16? How does Alfred feel about it?

8. How does Alfred exhibit discipline during the fight in Chapter 14?

9. How have Alfred's skills developed in Chapter 13? How has his character developed?

10. What is Alfred's encounter with James like in Chapter 17?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss the author's use of symbolism in the narrative. How does the author use symbolism to illustrate the theme of racism? What is symbolic in the setting of Donatelli's? What does Mr. Donatelli represent to Alfred?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and analyze the characters of James, Sonny and Hollis in the novel. When did James befriend Sonny and Hollis? How does Alfred feel about these friends? How long have Alfred and James been friends? How is their friendship described?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss the history of the sport of boxing. What exposure had Alfred had to the world of boxing prior to meeting Mr. Donatelli? What is Alfred's objective as a boxer? How does James feel about Alfred's boxing?

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