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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Katherine sit listening for, for an hour in "Greenwich Palace, May 1510"?
(a) Arthur's voice.
(b) A signal from her ladies-in-waiting that Henry has left the palace.
(c) Henry's arrival at her bedroom.
(d) God's anger.

2. How does Catalina react when Henry proposes to her in winter, 1503?
(a) With disgust.
(b) With happiness.
(c) With shock.
(d) With amusement.

3. Why are Catalina and Harry married quietly?
(a) To keep the public from arguing against the match,
(b) Out of respect for the recently deceased king.
(c) Out of respect for Arthur.
(d) Because the marriage is not approved of by the church.

4. Why does Catalina send Doña Elvira away in 1504?
(a) Catalina finds Doña Elvira has poised another lady-in-waiting.
(b) Doña Elvira begins to suffer from an illness.
(c) Catalina discovers Doña Elvira is pregnant.
(d) Catalina discovers that Doña Elvira has been plotting against her father.

5. Why is the doctor unable to examine the Queen in the summer of 1509?
(a) No one is allowed to touch her body but the King.
(b) Katherine is afraid of doctors.
(c) Katherine is in a very delicate state.
(d) Henry does not trust doctors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Catalina's sister go mad in 1504?

2. Why is the Moorish doctor confident that Katherine will be pregnant soon?

3. When does Katherine expect the child she is pregnant with to be born in "Greenwich Palace, May 1510"?

4. What job does Katherine take over in 1509?

5. According to the Moorish doctor, what signs might indicate that Katherine is no longer pregnant?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Katherine and Henry decide to name their first-born son and why?

2. Describe the coronation.

3. What tips does the Moorish doctor give Katherine to increase her chances of becoming pregnant?

4. Why is Katherine's participation in battle against the Scots even riskier than it would normally be?

5. What does Katherine do to get support from Rome against the Scottish raids?

6. What observations does Catalina make about Harry when she is summoned to dine with the family in 1503?

7. How does Katherine dissuade Henry from joining her father in an invasion of the Moors?

8. What rumor does Catalina's ambassador tell her in 1509? How does she react to this news?

9. How does Harry react to the news that he is betrothed to Catalina in June 1503?

10. What happens to Katherine in January 1510?

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