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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Don Gutierre Gómez de Fuensalida?
(a) Catalina's ambassador.
(b) A bishop.
(c) A Spanish spy.
(d) Catalina's uncle.

2. Why does the King hope that Catalina believes her destiny is to be Queen?
(a) So that she will succeed when finally in the role.
(b) So that he may reveal his own thoughts to her.
(c) So that he can convince her to marry Harry.
(d) So that she will have more confidence.

3. Why is the Moorish doctor confident that Katherine will be pregnant soon?
(a) The whole nation is praying for it.
(b) She is young and obviously fertile.
(c) She is taking the necessary steps for it to happen.
(d) She is on good terms with her husband.

4. Why does Catalina refuse King Henry's proposal?
(a) She wants to marry Harry.
(b) She wants her children to inherit the throne.
(c) For religious reasons.
(d) She finds him too old.

5. Why is the doctor unable to examine the Queen in the summer of 1509?
(a) Katherine is afraid of doctors.
(b) Henry does not trust doctors.
(c) No one is allowed to touch her body but the King.
(d) Katherine is in a very delicate state.

6. What do Katherine and Henry do in the summer of 1509?
(a) Declare war on Italy.
(b) Welcome their first child.
(c) Move to a new palace.
(d) Travel for two months.

7. What word does Henry use to describe life at court while Katherine was away in "Greenwich Palace, May 1510"?
(a) Chaotic.
(b) Quiet.
(c) Awkward.
(d) Lonely.

8. Which of the following is NOT one of the things Katherine should do to become pregnant, according to the Moorish doctor?
(a) Drink water that has been boiled.
(b) Eat fruit and vegetables.
(c) Ride astride a horse before intercourse.
(d) Make love on evenings with a full moon.

9. What does Katherine regrettably begin to notice while awaiting the birth?
(a) The bulge of her belly is getting smaller.
(b) Henry seems to have lost interest in her.
(c) She cannot feel the baby moving.
(d) She is menstruating.

10. What does Catalina tell Harry on the night of their wedding that she is anxious to do with him?
(a) Travel to Spain.
(b) Rule England.
(c) Reform the Church.
(d) Have children.

11. How does Catalina react when Henry proposes to her in winter, 1503?
(a) With happiness.
(b) With shock.
(c) With disgust.
(d) With amusement.

12. In "Spring 1511", when does Katherine note that Lady Margaret Pole always seems to be with her?
(a) During times of joy.
(b) During times of war.
(c) During times of stress.
(d) During times of sorrow.

13. Whom is Prince Charles supposed to marry in 1509?
(a) Catalina's sister.
(b) A German duchess.
(c) Harry's former sweetheart.
(d) Harry's sister, Mary.

14. Who dies in 1504?
(a) King Henry.
(b) Catalina's father.
(c) Catalina's mother.
(d) Harry's grandmother.

15. What does Katherine learn the leader of the Scottish attackers has been promised should the Scots be victorious?
(a) A large plot of land.
(b) The support of the French King.
(c) A castle.
(d) The English throne.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was NOT a reason given by Catalina as to why she married Harry?

2. What does Catalina want to be known as following her coronation?

3. Why does King Henry's mother suggest that Catalina should be sent home?

4. What is the name of Catalina's sister who is heir to the throne?

5. What change does Katherine notice in Henry in "Greenwich Palace, May 1510"?

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