Objects & Places from The Constant Princess

Philippa Gregory
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Catalina stays here in a camp that catches fire.

Dogmersfield Palace

Catalina first meets her future husband, Arthur, here.


Catalina goes to this place upon her arrival in England.

Wedding Ale

This is served to young couples on their wedding night.

Baynard's Castle

This is Catalina and Arthur's London home.

Ludlow Castle

Arthur and Catalina go here shortly before Christmas in their first year as husband and wife.

Croydon Palace

Catalina is summoned here following Arthur's death.

Durham House on the Strand

Catalina is given a place to stay here as she waits to see if she is pregnant with Arthur's child.


Katherine goes here for her confinement period to await the birth of her child.

Our Lady at Walsingham

Henry goes to give thanks at this place for the safe birth of his first son.

Richmond Palace

This is where Katherine's son is to...

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