The Constant Princess Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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• In 1491, Catalina travels with her parents, Isabella of Spain and King Ferdinand, on a battlefield.

• The conquering Spaniards promise to allow religious freedom but the promise is soon broken.

• Catalina loves the garden at the palace at Granada and never wants to leave there.

• Catalina is sent at age fifteen to marry Arthur, Price of Wales in England.

Dogmersfield Palace, Hampshire, Autumn 1501

• King Henry insists on inspecting Catalina when she arrives; he fears that she will be ugly or scarred.

• Catalina's first impression of Arthur is that he is kind and handsome.

• Catalina thanks Arthur for writing to her; he says he was made to respond.

• Henry and Arthur travel to Windsor while Catalina travels to London.

• Catalina meets Arthur's younger brother Harry along the way to London. He presents her with a horse as a wedding gift.

• Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham accompanies Catalina and Harry...

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