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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would the presence of evil in the world mean for God according to Philosophy?
(a) He is either evil or powerless.
(b) He only chooses the worthy to receive his blessings.
(c) He wants to maintain some balance.
(d) He does not intervene in mortal life.

2. What does Philosophy say wealth creates?
(a) More occasion to do good.
(b) New worry and needs.
(c) The need for more.
(d) New enemies.

3. Of what does God have a perfect idea of before starting his work, according to Philosophy?
(a) When he will finish.
(b) What he is going to build.
(c) Who the wicked men are.
(d) Who he is going to influence.

4. What does Philosophy do after Boethius tells her what he wished about the evil?
(a) She leaves for a while.
(b) She agrees with him.
(c) She corrects him.
(d) She tells him about his family's sins.

5. What cannot be obtained if sought individually according to Philosophy?
(a) The goods.
(b) Bodily pleasure and wealth.
(c) Happiness and honor.
(d) Faith and independence.

6. What does Philosophy say about the goods she lists at the start of Book 3?
(a) They are not true happiness.
(b) They are useless for men.
(c) They are all given by Fortune.
(d) They are legitimate.

7. What does Philosophy argue will happen to the power of an evil man?
(a) It will be taken from him.
(b) It will make him rich.
(c) It will be used too much.
(d) It will grow.

8. What can happen as soon as popular acclaim is given?
(a) Money is earned.
(b) It can be taken away.
(c) Fans appear.
(d) Life is better.

9. Why do men want wealth according to Philosophy?
(a) The gain political power.
(b) To feel important.
(c) To buy big houses.
(d) To be free of worry and needs.

10. What does Philosophy say animals devote themselves to entirely?
(a) Wanting to become human.
(b) Bettering themselves.
(c) Caring for their body.
(d) Eating.

11. What sometimes defies human reason and understanding?
(a) Man's lust for power.
(b) Women.
(c) Mathematics.
(d) God's methods.

12. What does a poor man need not worry about according to Philosophy?
(a) Being robbed.
(b) Finding a wife.
(c) Being rich.
(d) Dying.

13. What new need does a rich man have in the example given by Philosophy?
(a) Big house to live in.
(b) Bodyguards to protect him.
(c) A big pool to entertain.
(d) Numerous servants.

14. What does Philosophy say would be exposed if a politician was to leave the city.
(a) His wisdom.
(b) His worthlessness.
(c) His treasury.
(d) His love of the country.

15. What does Boethius say to Philosophy at the start of Book 3?
(a) That he feels greatly consoled.
(b) That she should leave.
(c) That he needs more comforting.
(d) That he worries for his sons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ability would Boethius like the evil to lose?

2. What does Philosophy says doesn't mean that God has taken sides with the wicked?

3. Why is a punishment a blessing for the evil man?

4. What does nature ordain everything to do according to Philosophy?

5. What position does Philosophy argue would not even be enough to provide happiness?

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