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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What should Boethius keep in mind concerning his money?
(a) How weak his hold on it was.
(b) That his wife was using too much of it.
(c) That people were jealous of him.
(d) How much he liked it.

2. What does Boethius do after hearing Philosophy's arguments on fortune?
(a) He complains.
(b) He starts to think of ways to escape.
(c) He accepts his fate.
(d) He prays to Fortune.

3. What does Philosophy say about men trying to find happiness?
(a) Money is the key to it.
(b) They need to be thankful to God when they find it.
(c) They cannot find it as directly as a boar of an eagle.
(d) They need to pray to Fortune to obtain it.

4. What does Lady Philosophy say of the evil person that has power?
(a) He is doubly cursed.
(b) He can do whatever he wants.
(c) He is freedom's enemy.
(d) He has it good.

5. What does Philosophy say the claim she made about wicked people follows?
(a) Her intuition.
(b) God's rules.
(c) What has already been proven.
(d) Boethius arguments

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does God have a perfect idea of before starting his work, according to Philosophy?

2. What does high office often do to the man seeking it?

3. What ability would Boethius like the evil to lose?

4. How many sources can fame come from according to Philosophy?

5. What does Philosophy argue bodily pleasure being identical to happiness would mean for animals?

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