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Mock Trial

Boethius was a Christian philosopher who was born in Rome and suspected of conspiring with the Byzantine Empire. He was ordered to be executed by King Theodoric the Great. Create a mock trial for Boethius with a prosecution, defense, and jury to determine whether Boethius was responsible for the alleged crime of treason.

Alternate Ending

Students should choose one of the books from "The Consolation of Philosophy" and write a new ending or discussion by focusing on either Boethius or Lady Philosophy. Students should share an excerpt of the alternate ending with the class.

Philosophical Jeopardy

Create approximately 30 questions and answers for an in-class jeopardy game. There should be several different categories and different point amounts based on the difficulty of the question. Topics for the categories may include: facts about Rome, the author's life, King Theodoric, philosophical tenets, or other areas covered in the book...

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