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Book I

• In Book I, Boethius sits in his cell and writes a poem about his suffering and he is surrounded by Muses that inspire him.

• A beautiful woman appears and it is obvious how ancient she is.

• On her dress are the Greek letters Pi and Theta, standing for practice and theory, with a staircase between them.
• Lady Philosophy tells the Muses not to distract Boethius who has aims of philosophy, not poetry.

• Lady Philosophy praises his way of life prior to imprisonment because he saw order in the world.

• Boethius asks why she came to the prison cell and she insists she would not abandon her student, giving examples of others. She states he is protected, but he doesn't understand because his suffering is real.
• She can't perform her role as physician if he does not reveal his ailment.

• Boethius is condemned to death and recalls...

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