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Short Answer Questions

1. What starts the rain storm?

2. When they land at Johannesburg, after some polite conversation, what does the young girl do?

3. Why does Mehring take the opportunity to put his hand on the young girl's thigh?

4. What are Jacobus and Solomon planting in the field?

5. What is a sign that winter is weakening?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Mehring finds a pamphlet for supporting homosexuality in his son's backpack.

Part 1) Describe Mehring's reaction to finding this information.

Part 2) What evidence can be found in the book to support the fact that Terry may be a homosexual?

Part 3) Does Mehring have the right to look through his son's backpack? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Mehring's relationship with Antonia is a love/hate affair.

Part 1) Describe Antonia.

Part 2) What does Mehring think about his relationship with Antonia?

Part 3) Why does Mehring continue to date Antonia?

Essay Topic 3

The author strongly hints at "something large" being unearthed by the flood.

Part 1) What is literally being unearthed? Why?

Part 2) What is figuratively being unearthed?

Part 3) How are both of the events handled by Mehring and his farmhands?

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