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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bismillah pace the outside perimeter of the compound?
(a) To check for thieves.
(b) To turn on the security camera.
(c) To look for Solomon.
(d) To check for any holes.

2. How do the Indians hope to keep officials at bay?
(a) Legal documents.
(b) Large guard dogs.
(c) Security cameras and fencing.
(d) Money paid constantly towards lawyers.

3. Of what do the Indians have an inevitable feeling?
(a) A government official with the power to shut them down and evict them for good.
(b) The locals will destroy their store.
(c) Their lawyers will cheat them out of their money.
(d) Mehring will have them closed down.

4. Where does Mehring get his leg stuck?
(a) In the fence.
(b) In the third pasture mud.
(c) In a car door.
(d) Through a broken floor board.

5. What does Mehring do as he watches the storm?
(a) Takes photographs.
(b) Reads a book.
(c) Drinks the whiskey.
(d) Talks to Jacobus.

6. With what is Mehring charged, regarding the young girl on the plane?
(a) "Child abuse."
(b) "Sexual assault."
(c) "Interfering."
(d) "Sexual harassment."

7. What streaks across the sky as Mehring reaches a stone outhouse?
(a) A comet.
(b) A shooting star.
(c) A plane.
(d) Heat lightning.

8. How does Mehring evade the funeral?
(a) By sending Antonia in his stead.
(b) By sending a large bouquet and donation to the widow.
(c) By calling on the family later in the week.
(d) By say he is sick.

9. Although cyanide is the quickest way to commit suicide, why does he believe it is not what the man used?
(a) It is expensive.
(b) One must have assistance in administering it.
(c) It is not the "tycoon's way" to do it.
(d) It is very painful.

10. What is Jalal painting?
(a) The windmill and water tank.
(b) Mehring's home.
(c) The Indian Store.
(d) His car.

11. With whom does Mehring walk through the property?
(a) Terry.
(b) Solomon.
(c) Antonia.
(d) Jacobus.

12. Why is Mehring easily able to make the issue with the young girl disappear?
(a) The girl's family is of a lower social class and therefore powerless.
(b) She did not complain.
(c) He is innocent.
(d) The girl's family are immigrants and do not want trouble.

13. What does Antonia tell Mehring about his property?
(a) The blacks will repossess his land within a generation.
(b) He should buy more property.
(c) He should pass it on to his son when he dies.
(d) It does not look as nice as it did before the fire.

14. What do the Indians allow black laborers to do?
(a) Fix holes in the fence.
(b) Work in the store.
(c) Stock the store.
(d) Create advertisments for the store.

15. What is a sign that winter is weakening?
(a) The river is no longer frozen.
(b) Mehring no longer needs his winter coat.
(c) There is a warm wind some afternoons.
(d) Birds are chirping.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the symbol Jalal is painting?

2. What does Mehring find in Terry's backpack?

3. What is Izak playing loudly?

4. For what is the beer and goat meat?

5. What does Solomon find at the celebration?

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