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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Phineas' wife doing at the celebration?
(a) Dancing crazily and describing the animals she can turn into.
(b) She is talking to herself in the corner of the room.
(c) She is arguing with everyone at the party.
(d) She is drinking heavily.

2. When Mehring returns, what does he realize must remain?
(a) Some of his staffs' increased responsibilities.
(b) The new path of the river.
(c) The debris in the yard.
(d) Jacobus as a doctor.

3. What must raise the alarm that quickly goes around the farm?
(a) The bell that Jacobus rings in an emergency.
(b) The farmhands on horseback.
(c) The dust from Mehring's Mercedes on the horizon.
(d) Smoke from the fire.

4. Why can Mehring not get to the farm for two weeks?
(a) He is injured during the flood.
(b) He must clean up his flooded apartment.
(c) He is helping those in trapped in the city.
(d) The roads are all impassable.

5. What does Solomon ask Jacobus?
(a) Why he is beaten and left for dead.
(b) If he had actually died in the cold pasture.
(c) Who saved him from the cold pasture.
(d) Why Jacobus saved him.

6. What is Izak playing loudly?
(a) The guitar.
(b) The piano.
(c) The clarinet.
(d) The radio.

7. What does Antonia tell Mehring about his property?
(a) He should buy more property.
(b) He should pass it on to his son when he dies.
(c) It does not look as nice as it did before the fire.
(d) The blacks will repossess his land within a generation.

8. Who is the man with Mehring that Mehring is thinking about?
(a) The dead man.
(b) Solomon.
(c) Jacobus.
(d) Terry.

9. Why must Bismillah keep alert?
(a) The locals often cannot count the money they shove at him.
(b) The lawyers may cheat them out of their money.
(c) The government may come looking for them.
(d) The fire has spread from De Beer's property.

10. Why does Mehring no longer have much to do with pig iron?
(a) He has his farmhands deal with it.
(b) His partners bought his share of the company.
(c) It is mostly managed by partners.
(d) He does not enjoy the work.

11. What happens after the rain diminishes for a morning?
(a) Full tropical torrential rains come down.
(b) It turns into hail.
(c) The rain turns to snow.
(d) It continues at a steady pace.

12. What does Mehring realize about Jacobus?
(a) How mean he really is.
(b) How close he is to Jacobus.
(c) How shrewd the man really is.
(d) How kind he really is.

13. Why can the orange river lilies be seen?
(a) The fire has made this viewing possible.
(b) They are in a different location from the previous summer.
(c) The farmhands have planted more this year.
(d) They have grown larger than in the past.

14. When they land at Johannesburg, after some polite conversation, what does the young girl do?
(a) Screams out and runs to her mother.
(b) She asks for his phone number.
(c) She asks his name.
(d) She joins her family.

15. Why are they so excited?
(a) There is plenty of beer.
(b) Meat is rare in the laborers' diet.
(c) They do not get much time off.
(d) They love to dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mehring fall asleep?

2. What does Mehring do as he watches the storm?

3. What are Jacobus and Solomon planting in the field?

4. What does Mehring find in Terry's backpack?

5. What does Mehring find annoying about the Indians?

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