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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Mehring compare getting his leg stuck, pulling to get it out, and then it just coming free?
(a) His son's struggle to leave South Africa.
(b) His relationship with Antonia.
(c) God having a hold on him.
(d) Someone holding his leg and just letting him go.

2. When they land at Johannesburg, after some polite conversation, what does the young girl do?
(a) She joins her family.
(b) Screams out and runs to her mother.
(c) She asks for his phone number.
(d) She asks his name.

3. What does Mehring realize about Jacobus?
(a) How shrewd the man really is.
(b) How close he is to Jacobus.
(c) How kind he really is.
(d) How mean he really is.

4. When Mehring returns, what does he realize must remain?
(a) Some of his staffs' increased responsibilities.
(b) Jacobus as a doctor.
(c) The debris in the yard.
(d) The new path of the river.

5. What do the Indians allow black laborers to do?
(a) Stock the store.
(b) Work in the store.
(c) Create advertisments for the store.
(d) Fix holes in the fence.

6. What protects the Indians' fortified enclosure?
(a) Mehring's farmhands.
(b) Fences, roofs and dogs.
(c) Locals.
(d) A high-tech security system.

7. What will Terry be missing by staying in the United States with his mother?
(a) The opportunity to take over the farm.
(b) College in South Africa.
(c) His father.
(d) Mandatory military service.

8. What is the symbol Jalal is painting?
(a) A gang sign.
(b) A peace sign.
(c) A yin yang sign.
(d) A smiley face.

9. What is Phineas' wife doing at the celebration?
(a) She is arguing with everyone at the party.
(b) She is talking to herself in the corner of the room.
(c) Dancing crazily and describing the animals she can turn into.
(d) She is drinking heavily.

10. Why is William in an argument with a woman named Dorcas?
(a) She refuses to pay full price for her purchases.
(b) She is late arriving to work.
(c) She claims her husband's money is being withheld by the Indians.
(d) She has just stolen from the store.

11. What is a sign that winter is weakening?
(a) Birds are chirping.
(b) The river is no longer frozen.
(c) There is a warm wind some afternoons.
(d) Mehring no longer needs his winter coat.

12. What does Mehring take as he walks across the compound?
(a) A bunch of lilies.
(b) A book.
(c) A bottle of whiskey.
(d) A sleeping bag.

13. How might the owners of the Indian Store lose all they have worked for?
(a) Theft by the locals and confiscation or eviction by the government.
(b) The De Beer fire that spread throughout the county.
(c) Mehring cheats them of their money and prevents locals to purchase goods.
(d) A river flood in the spring.

14. Why can Mehring not get to the farm for two weeks?
(a) He is injured during the flood.
(b) He must clean up his flooded apartment.
(c) He is helping those in trapped in the city.
(d) The roads are all impassable.

15. How do the Indians hope to keep officials at bay?
(a) Large guard dogs.
(b) Security cameras and fencing.
(c) Legal documents.
(d) Money paid constantly towards lawyers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Solomon find at the celebration?

2. Why does Izak know the symbol Jalal is painting?

3. What is wrong with the goat meat?

4. What must raise the alarm that quickly goes around the farm?

5. Why does Bismillah pace the outside perimeter of the compound?

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