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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Solomon do after he questions the men?
(a) He runs away from the men.
(b) He reluctantly rises from bed and follows them out into the night.
(c) He ignores them and goes back to sleep.
(d) He goes to the police to let them know about the suspicious men.

2. Why is Mehring not able to use the river as a water source?
(a) It is dirty.
(b) It is contaminated.
(c) It does not belong to him.
(d) It is too low.

3. What does Mehring despair about in the spare farmhouse?
(a) It smells of cat.
(b) It has mice and rats.
(c) It is falling apart.
(d) It is not very large.

4. Where is Mehring's son, Terry?
(a) In the United States with his mother.
(b) In Johannesburg with his mother.
(c) Away at college.
(d) On the farm with Mehring.

5. What does Antonia not believe about Mehring?
(a) He has a son.
(b) His mail is confidential.
(c) He has a wife.
(d) The farm belongs to him.

6. Besides passing through the city, what else must Mehring drive through to get to his property?
(a) A park.
(b) A built up Transvaal village.
(c) Several Transvaal villages.
(d) A dangerous neighborhood.

7. Why does Mehring not need water?
(a) He has his own well system.
(b) He has another river he uses.
(c) He purchases water from town.
(d) He has his own water tower.

8. Why does Mehring think the body was probably dumped there?
(a) The dead man has no mud on his shoes.
(b) It's a quiet place that no one would notice.
(c) There were marks showing it had been dragged.
(d) He does not know the man.

9. From where does Mehring return?
(a) A trip to the United States.
(b) A trip into town.
(c) A trip to Japan.
(d) A trip to his parents' home.

10. Why are several of the Indians at the store worried?
(a) The police will raid their store to find clues to the murder.
(b) They fear the murderer will return.
(c) The police will charge them with murder because they are part of an ethnic minority.
(d) The police will uncover the fact that they are in the country illegally.

11. What do the police tell Mehring will happen in the next several days?
(a) The police will hunt for the murderer.
(b) He will be investigated for the murder of this person.
(c) The body will be relocated once the mortuary van becomes available.
(d) A funeral will be held for the person found on Mehring's property.

12. How does Jacobus recommend Mehring attempt to preserve the body?
(a) Cover the remains and make sure to keep any stray dogs away.
(b) Call a taxidermist to preserve the remains.
(c) Put the remains in the large freezer in the barn.
(d) Lay the remains in the cellar.

13. What is one of Mehring's many regrets?
(a) Letting his son go away to college.
(b) Not taking the time to do "father" things with Terry.
(c) Allowing his wife to move to the United States.
(d) Not marrying Antonia.

14. How long has there been a drought?
(a) Six years.
(b) Four years.
(c) Eight years.
(d) One year.

15. On closer inspection, what does Jacobus discover about Solomon?
(a) He is dying.
(b) He is dead.
(c) He is breathing.
(d) He is sick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mehring worry about as he looks out the windows?

2. How do Mehring's friends feel about his peaceful life?

3. What does Mehring do when he returns to the farmhouse?

4. Where do they take Solomon?

5. What do the bad spirits haunt?

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