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Chapter 1

• Mehring is an industrialist who owns a farm in rural South Africa.

• His herdsman, Jacobus, tells him that a body has been found by the river.

• Mehring notices the body must have been dumped, because it does not have mud on its shoes; the body is also well-dressed.
• Mehring is relieved that he is not a suspect, but he is annoyed with the police, because they do not come out right away and do not remove the body.

• Mehring must attempt to preserve the body until the police are able to remove it.

• Mehring's farm is a relaxing escape from his business life, which his friends both envy and marvel.
• Jacobus reassures the Indians that the farm is safe and the police will not do an investigation.

• The Indians fear that the police will discover they are illegal immigrants.

Chapter 2

• Mehring returns from a trip to Japan...

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