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Sufi texts#Farid ad-Din Attar
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the "narrator" (the hoopoe) compare the beggar to in the story "The Beggar Who Fell in Love with Ayaz"?
(a) A gnat.
(b) An ant.
(c) A donkey.
(d) A polo-ball.

2. What did the dervishes renounce in "The Arab in Persia"?
(a) God.
(b) The world.
(c) Pride.
(d) Riches.

3. Where did Sheikh Ghouri take refuge at when he met a "group of crazy fools"?
(a) In an abandoned tent.
(b) At a market under a collection of tables.
(c) In a cave.
(d) Under a bridge.

4. What was the metaphor based upon the following tenet: "When my exchequer has no love to give"?
(a) Sin.
(b) Life.
(c) Hate.
(d) Blood-money.

5. What did Sheikh Ghouri tell Prince Sanjar that he must leave behind if he chose to be the men's enemy?
(a) Love.
(b) Life.
(c) Power.
(d) Faith.

6. Why did the Indian King tell Mahmoud that he was crying?
(a) Thoughts of Judgement Day.
(b) His wife had died.
(c) His son had been taken prisoner.
(d) His daughter had been sold illegally into slavery.

7. In the Valley of Love, what did the falcons search for as they flew?
(a) Their "mating grounds."
(b) Their "absent mate."
(c) Their "dead children."
(d) Their "absent nest."

8. God breathed a pure soul into Adam's __________.
(a) Dust.
(b) Debris.
(c) Clay.
(d) Earth.

9. How many valleys did the birds have to cross to find the Simorgh?
(a) Eleven.
(b) Nine.
(c) Seven.
(d) Fourteen.

10. How did falcons fly when they were distressed, in the Valley of Love?
(a) High above the land.
(b) In circles.
(c) Confused.
(d) Close to the land.

11. What kind of animal blood did Joseph's brothers stain his cloak with when they threw him in the well?
(a) Bear.
(b) Dog.
(c) Cow.
(d) Wolf.

12. What happened when Truth's sunlight cleared the air in the Valley of Insight into Mystery?
(a) All travelers saw that they were welcomed.
(b) All travelers were blinded by the brightness.
(c) All paths braided into one.
(d) All animals helped travelers find their way through.

13. Who did the judge say must pay for the murdered animal that the rich neighbor lent to the poor man, given the poor man could not pay for the animal (it died while he was borrowing it)?
(a) The judge offerd to pay.
(b) God.
(c) The rich man would have to absorb the loss.
(d) The mother of the poor man.

14. What did the man, who refused to drink, refuse to drink?
(a) Water.
(b) Ale.
(c) Wine.
(d) Sweet sherbet.

15. What happened to the beggar at the end of "The Beggar Who Fell in Love with Ayaz"?
(a) He was banished from the city.
(b) He married Ayaz.
(c) He died.
(d) He was arrested.

Short Answer Questions

1. What made the man from "A Lord Who Loved a Beer-Seller" long to die?

2. What animal was the peasant leading when Sheikh Mahna came across him in the desert?

3. Who did Abraham fight with while he drew his last breaths?

4. Who waited anxiously to see Joesph's face when he was up for sale as a slave?

5. What was the second test of the journey to find the Simorgh?

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