The Conference of the Birds Short Essay - Answer Key

Sufi texts#Farid ad-Din Attar
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1. Why did the hoopoe compare the finch to Moses?

The hoopoe compared the finch to Moses at the welcoming of the birds conference because the finch has seen fire burn high like Moses had seen fire.

2. Describe the parrot's plumage.

The hoopoe describes the parrot's plumage in the welcoming of the birds to the conference. The parrot's plumage is described as bearing a "strange device" seen in the bright "necklace" around his neck.

3. What must the francolin do with his Self?

The francolin, according to the hoopoe, must reject the Self. The hoopoe said the francolin must do this because the Self is where lives are ruined.

4. What problem did the hoopoe have with the hawk?

The hoopoe had a problem with the hawk based upon his welcome at the ceremony. The hawk withheld Truth.

5. Why did the birds decide that they needed a king?

The birds decided during conference that they needed a king. They decided that they needed a king because they believed that their constitution made no sense and because all nations require a king.

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