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Sufi texts#Farid ad-Din Attar
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Conference of the Birds, pgs. 120-166.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What metaphor did the hoopoe use to describe "Self's grown gross"?
(a) A snake on ice.
(b) A dog that sleeps and feeds.
(c) A rat swollen by gorging.
(d) An elephant stuck in the mud.

2. According to the "troubled fool," what entered Nimrod's brain?
(a) A worm.
(b) An irrational thought.
(c) A demon.
(d) A gnat.

3. In the story of the "Two Foxes," where did one fox say that he would meet up with the other after parting?
(a) At the furrier's.
(b) In heaven.
(c) At God's right hand.
(d) In hell.

4. What did Sheikh Ghouri tell Prince Sanjar that he must leave behind if he chose to be the men's enemy?
(a) Life.
(b) Power.
(c) Faith.
(d) Love.

5. What was wrong with the fruit that the "good-hearted monarch" gave to his favorite slave?
(a) It was rotten.
(b) It was hard.
(c) It was bitter.
(d) It was worm-filled.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom did the heron say that he loved and, therefore, could not go on the journey to find the Simorgh?

2. What did the "cowardly bird" claim was a "useless sacrifice"?

3. What is the name of the scholar's task that describes the process of determining the actions/sayings of the Prophet Mohammad to be genuine?

4. What did the hoopoe tell the hawk to do when he returned from flight?

5. What did God tell Shiekh Noughani to do in Neishaspour to find a grain of gold?

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