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Sufi texts#Farid ad-Din Attar
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Conference of the Birds, pgs. 166-213.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of animal blood did Joseph's brothers stain his cloak with when they threw him in the well?
(a) Dog.
(b) Cow.
(c) Wolf.
(d) Bear.

2. Why is the Way lifeless-according to the hoopoe?
(a) To glorify the king.
(b) To allow those on the journey to choose their own path.
(c) To insure that the birds create their own path.
(d) To make the journey as hard as possible.

3. From where did the hoopoe quote the following: "You cannot gain salvation while the things you love remain."
(a) Koran.
(b) Bible.
(c) Moses' writings.
(d) The writings of the Simorah.

4. What happened when Truth's sunlight cleared the air in the Valley of Insight into Mystery?
(a) All travelers were blinded by the brightness.
(b) All travelers saw that they were welcomed.
(c) All animals helped travelers find their way through.
(d) All paths braided into one.

5. Which angel refused to bow to Adam, even under the threat of losing his head?
(a) Eblis.
(b) Chamuel.
(c) Gavreel.
(d) Iofiel.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the king honor the fisherboy's friendship?

2. What did the miserly bird claim to love?

3. What did Shah Mahmoud throw onto the heap nearest to his mount?

4. Why did the man from "A Lord Who Loved a Beer-Seller" act like a drunkard?

5. While the hoopoe was telling the birds about the Way, he said he was blessed by_______________.

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