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Sufi texts#Farid ad-Din Attar
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This is the biggest city in modern-day Iraq. In the story, this city hosted the beheading of Junaid's son.


This is the act of showing contempt towards God.


This is where Simorgh first appeared by dropping a single feather as proof of existence.


This is a mythical Persian bird, said to mark future kings by letting its shadow fall upon them.


This is a mountain peak beyond which King Simorgh lives.


This is a mythical stream flowing through Paradise.


This immortal guards a spring that has waters which bestow immortality.


This is a small town in Kharavan Province, Persia, famous for the 11th-century CE poet Abou Sa'id Aboul Kheir, creator of the mystical themes and metaphors in Persian poetry.


This is the holiest city of Islam, located in modern Saudi Arabia. It owes its prominence to giving birth to...

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