The Conference of the Birds Fun Activities

Sufi texts#Farid ad-Din Attar
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Death of a Bird

Attar uses the image of a phoenix to discuss the theme of death. Research the phoenix and create a media presentation on the bird's usage in imagery surrounding death.

Persian History

Watch a movie on Persian history. The movie should detail the culture, the history, the beliefs, and the customs of Persia.


Create an image that represents one of the birds described in the book. Image should be textually correct and in color.

Cover Design

Create a new cover for The Conference of the Birds.

Music and Lyrics

Find a song that you feel shows the mood for each of the seven valleys that the birds must cross.

Original Text

Find a copy of The Conference of the Birds in its original language. Allow students to look through the book and make observations about the text.

The Conference of the BIrds: The Graphic Novel

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