The Conference of the Birds Character Descriptions

Sufi texts#Farid ad-Din Attar
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This character was the messenger and chosen leader of the birds.


This character was the sovereign of the birds who lived beyond the unidentified Kaf's mountain peak.


This person represented the paragon of male physical beauty in Persian poetry.

Abraham and Nimrod

These characters were contemporaries and archenemies. One of the characters risked fire to cut off the head of the other.


This character renounced the world and lived as a wandering dervish, much like the Buddha.


This person is an ecstatic Sufi, who makes scandalous proclamations and claims to have seen himself/herself seated on the throne of God.


This person is the Hebrew king renowned for his/her psalms and songs that make men long to die. This character was also linked to the nightingale.


This person openly taught mystical doctrines, the most famous of which, "I am the...

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