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Michael Connelly
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Short Answer Questions

1. What topic does Chandler bring up that begins to crack Bosch's claim on the stand?

2. What is the nickname given to the second killer?

3. Why does Church's wife call the police?

4. Who shows up at court during Chapter 17?

5. How long is Honey Chandler's opening statement?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Bosch have motive to shoot Church?

2. What mistakes are revealed about Bosch's actions on the day Norman Church was murdered?

3. How does Bosch find Tom Cerrone?

4. Why is Bosch upset to learn that Rebecca was alive two years ago?

5. Why doesn't Belk want to ask for a continuance?

6. Why does Bosch feel the pieces fit for Mora being the second killer?

7. What is the topic of discussion in the Judge's chambers at the beginning of Chapter 17?

8. In Chapter 4, why does Harry Bosch tell Sylvia he won't be over?

9. Based on the conversation between Bosch and Sylvia, how could their relationship be described?

10. What is Bosch's reaction to Mora revealing his own theory about a second killer?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Irving apologizes to Bosch for his testimony, Bosch suspects that he may have known his mother. Why does Bosch think this and how does this change his feelings toward Irving?

Essay Topic 2

Ray Mora was hiding a secret life. Why does Mora have these secrets? How do these secrets play a role in the story, specifically how do they compare and contrast to the other crimes being committed? Why do you think the officer simply forced Mora to resign?

Essay Topic 3

There are a number of mistakes in Bosch's case, most of them made by Belk. Discuss the many mistakes Belk makes during this case. Do you think these mistakes are intentional? Explain your answer.

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