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Michael Connelly
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why wasn't Church used in Dr. John Locke's latest book?

2. Who beeps Bosch right after he leaves Ray?

3. After discussing the possible list of suspects, who does Bosch think may have killed the seventh, eleventh, and the concrete blond victims?

4. How many other shootings has Bosch been involved in as police officer?

5. Who was the Dollmaker's seventh victim?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bosch follow the phone leads about the victim?

2. Why is Sylvia upset when Bosch gets off the phone with Locke?

3. When Bosch is talking about the case to Sylvia why doesn't she press for more information?

4. Why is Sylvia bothered by finding out about Bosch's mother's death?

5. Why does Bosch feel the pieces fit for Mora being the second killer?

6. Based on the conversation between Bosch and Sylvia, how could their relationship be described?

7. What does Bosch learn when he looks into the character of Tom Cerrone?

8. What is Bosch most nervous about when being questioned by Chandler?

9. Why is Bosch upset to learn that Rebecca was alive two years ago?

10. Why does Bosch have motive to shoot Church?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bosch is very closed up. Discuss how Bosch's past affects his ability to open up to Sylvia. Sylvia lost her husband. Why does she seem to be more open then Bosch even though she experienced extreme pain?

Essay Topic 2

Belk appears to be very passive during the entire trial. Why is Belk as passive? Do you think this is his personality or are there other reasons for this behavior?

Essay Topic 3

The pain and disgust that Bosch deals with at work is brought to light when Sylvia sees the pictures of the murder victims. How does this portrayal make Sylvia feel? Does Bosch continue to feel pain for these victims after working in the field for so long? If so, provide examples of these feelings.

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