The Concrete Blonde Character Descriptions

Michael Connelly
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Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch

This character is being sued in U.S. Court by the widow of a man who died reaching for his toupee while this character is trying to place him under arrest.

Jerry Edgar

This character is the main character's former partner before the main character receives a demotion after a shooting.

Honey Chandler

This character is relentless, intelligent, and has a quick mind and a confident manner.

Harvey '98' Pounds

This character worked his way up through the ranks by brown nosing and taking tests instead of gaining practical experience and has seen few actual crime scenes.

Ray Mora

This character has straight brown hair that is kept trimmed short, with brown eyes and a deep bronze skin tone with no facial hair.

Norman Church

This character is as bald as a baby and wears a toupee occasionally and keeps an apartment in town...

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