The Concrete Blonde Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Connelly
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Chapter 1 | Chapter Two

• Harry Bosch is a detective for the Los Angeles police department.

• Bosch is being sued by the widow of Norman Church, a man he feels he rightfully killed, because he thought Church was the Dollmaker Killer.

• At the time of the killing, Bosch thought Church was reaching for a gun but he was really reaching for a toupee that was under the pillow.

• During court recesses, Bosch sees Pounds who tells him they found another body. Pounds says this may be the work of the Dollmaker Killer.

• During lunch, Harry meets Pounds at the crime scene.

• The body has been taken to the coroner's van and Bosch can see the impression made by the victim is still intact in the concrete.

• Art Donovan, the SID crime scene tech, states that he can get a mold made of the victim's face and her hands, and may...

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