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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Law as the Union of Primary and Secondary Rules.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who denies there are true laws against murder?
(a) Kartosen.
(b) Roberts.
(c) Kristiansen.
(d) Kelsen.

2. What implies that a rule exists?
(a) That society exist.
(b) That morale exist.
(c) That customs were created.
(d) That someone has an obligation.

3. What do rules do?
(a) Forbid certain type of behavior under penalty.
(b) Allow a community to live in peace.
(c) Allow law makers to make laws.
(d) Allow behaviors that are not forbidden.

4. What is the first step in figuring out what law is according to Hart?
(a) What is law.
(b) How are law passed.
(c) Who are law created.
(d) What has confounded so many.

5. How do people obey?
(a) By doing thing for free.
(b) By doing things they would not otherwise do.
(c) By accepting the law.
(d) By doing nothing they could be punished for.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are customary society's rules unable to do?

2. What is the price of Uniformity?

3. What are rules sometime understood as?

4. How many questions did Hart identified that combine into the question of what law is?

5. What could the definition of law provide a map for?

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