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Chapter 1, Persistent Questions

• In Chapter 1, Hart addresses the question of what law is.

• A book of statues is not comprehensive and neither is ratified legislation or judicial rulings.

• Rules may forbid certain types of behavior under penalty.

• Rules may specify how to make a will.

• Hart identifies three questions that combine into the question of what law is, including: what makes a law obligatory, how law and morality are related, and what rules are.

• The definition of law can help provides a map for explaining the relationships between the concepts of law that we have.

• Hart discusses English jurisprudence that define law as orders backed by threats.

• Hart's primary goal is to advance legal theory by offering an analysis of legal systems and focus on the relationship between law, coercion, and morality.

Chapter 2, Laws, Commands, and Orders

• In Chapter 2, Hart examines Austin's Province of Jurisprudence Determined.

• Laws are...

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