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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells a slightly different story about the lion from Aunt Tempy's story?

2. When Brer Rabbit takes the man's chickens, who gets the blame?

3. What tale does Uncle Remus tell about Brer Rabbit and Unk Moon?

4. What repulsive thing does Brer Rabbit do with Grinny, Granny Wolf?

5. What does Uncle Remus say the animals don't know the difference about?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Brer Rabbit get the other animals to work hard digging holes?

2. What are the preposterous provisions Teenchy-Tiny duck makes to try and retrieve her bag of gold?

3. Explain how Uncle Remus relates superstitious ideas about scientific phenomena.

4. What is the evidence that the little boy's mother does not approve of Uncle Remus' tales?

5. Describe Brer Rabbit's invitation to the other animals to a barbecue.

6. What is the fantastic tale Uncle Remus tells the little boy to get him over his fright of the witch tale?

7. How is the little boy stymied in his efforts to slip up on Uncle Remus to scare him?

8. Relate Uncle Remus's tale about duplicity on the part of the bear in dealing with the alligator.

9. Relate the explanation Uncle Remus has for the craters on the moon.

10. How does Brer Bear and his family get chased out of their house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay of at least two typewritten pages on the topic, The Impact of Stories and Fables. Use the examples from Aesop, Uncle Remus, and Jesus giving examples of how each used stories or fables to get a moral point across. In you essay discuss the non-confrontational impact of the stories.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay of at least two typewritten pages on the topic, Exposing Children to Violence. Discuss the violence in the Uncle Remus tales. Point out some of the reactions the little boy has to some of the more violent or frightening tales. Then discuss

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay of at least two typewritten pages on the topic, The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus is Not Children's Literature. Salient points should include (1) the violence in the tales; (2) the moral questions of theft and lies as appropriate behavior under certain circumstances; and (3) the adult nature of certain situations among the human characters in the book.

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