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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tale does Uncle Remus tell about Brer Rabbit and Unk Moon?
(a) how the critters take big bites out of the moon.
(b) how Mr. Man cures Unk Moon of his illness.
(c) how Brer Rabbit decides to live on the moon.
(d) messages Brer Rabbit delivers between Mr. Man and the moon.

2. According to Uncle Remus, what did folks always have to pass no matter where they were going a long time ago?
(a) the judge's house.
(b) the blacksmith shop.
(c) the little brown church.
(d) the haunted house.

3. What results when the chimney falls in?
(a) the man freezes to death.
(b) the birds loos their nests.
(c) the fox loses his hair.
(d) the cricket gets elbows on his legs.

4. What is the only thing on the plantation that the little boy is afraid of?
(a) the deep water well.
(b) the blacksmith's shack.
(c) the old Shanghai rooster.
(d) his father's hunting dog.

5. What does Mr. Lion look like when he gets out of the barrel?
(a) he has lost his hair except for the tip of the tail and his mane.
(b) he looks like a wet hen with his wool drooping.
(c) he is completely bald.
(d) he has turned a bright shade of red except for his mane.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brer Wolf attempt to entice Brer Rabbit to come near him?

2. How is Brer Rabbit's idea of sewing the dog's mouth shut like the Aesop fable of the Mice and the Cat?

3. What repulsive thing does Brer Rabbit do with Grinny, Granny Wolf?

4. What does the buzzard say he can show anyone interested?

5. What does the boy's grandmother, Miss Sally, think of Uncle Remus' stories?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the news Uncle Remus rlates to the boy on the night of Christmas Eve?

2. What is the folklore Uncle Remus tells the boy about the cricket?

3. Explain how Uncle Remus relates superstitious ideas about scientific phenomena.

4. What is the fantastic tale Uncle Remus tells the little boy to get him over his fright of the witch tale?

5. How does the preacher man expose the miller man's wife as a witch?

6. Describe the secret of Brer Rabbit's laughing place.

7. In the story of the witch-wolf, explain why she wanted to marry a man.

8. How does Brer Rabbit describe his wife's behavior as he visits with Brer Wolf and Brer Fox?

9. Relate the explanation Uncle Remus has for the craters on the moon.

10. How does Uncle Remus convince the boy that Brer Rabbit sometimes was not the smartest creature in the whole creation?

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