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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Remus remark when the little boy asks what happened to the possum?
(a) he doesn't know but he'd like to have some cooked possum.
(b) he says the possum played dead and got away.
(c) he believes the possum got out through a hole in the bag.
(d) he thinks the man let him out of the bag.

2. What is African Jack's version of the hungry rabbit and wolf?
(a) they plan to eat their grandmothers.
(b) they sell their grandmothers.
(c) they eat their grandmothers' food.
(d) they wrestle to eat each other.

3. Why does Brer Fox make the tar baby?
(a) to have someone to talk to.
(b) to decorate the Big Road.
(c) to make fun of Brer Rabbit.
(d) to have Brer Rabbit's curiosity get him caught.

4. Why does Uncle Remus say that Brer Bear is likely stuck in a hollow tree to this day?
(a) Brer Rabbit stirs up the bees to swell Brer Bear's head.
(b) Brer Rabbit put grease on the tree so he cannot come down.
(c) Brer Rabbit put glue into the hole in the tree.
(d) Brer Bear will not turn loose of the honeycomb.

5. What animal does Uncle Remus mimic by saying, I-doom-er-ker-du-mer-ker?
(a) the terrapin.
(b) the crow.
(c) the Mud Terkle.
(d) the frog.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brer Wolf end his fight with Brer Fox?

2. Why does Uncle Remus shake his head at African Jack?

3. What is the rumor about African Jack?

4. Why does Brer Rabbit free Brer Fox from Mr. Man's trap?

5. How does Brer Tarrypin get the quills back from Brer Fox?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the subject matter one evening that disturbs Aunt Tempy and the little boy?

2. How do the frogs trick Brer Fox into falling into the pond?

3. In the tale, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear, what does Brer Rabbit use to get himself out of Brer Fox's trap in the peanut patch?

4. What trick does Brer Rabbit play on Brer Fox making him look foolish?

5. Explain the difference between the fables Uncle Remus tells and the superstition in The Plantation Witch.

6. How is Brer Fox caught by his appetite under the Pimmerly Plum?

7. What indicates the relationship between Miss Sally and Uncle Remus?

8. In the story, The Moon in the Mill-Pond, how do Brer Rabbit and Brer Tarrypin keep the bear, the fox, and the wolf occupied while they visit Miss Meadows?

9. How do the tales, Brother Terrapin Deceives Brother Buzzard and Brother Fox Covets the Quills run together?

10. What was the awful fate of Mr. Wolf?

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