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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animal does Brer Fox meet up with in the tale, How Brother Fox Was Too Smart?
(a) a skunk.
(b) a badger.
(c) a porcupine.
(d) a wildcat.

2. What does Brer Rabbit eat up while the other animals are working?
(a) the carrots.
(b) the butter.
(c) the salad.
(d) the cake.

3. In Daddy Jack's story, why does the Snake eat the woman's baby?
(a) because the woman owes the snake money.
(b) because the baby was crying.
(c) because she once stole one of her eggs.
(d) because the snake is blind and thinks it is a cat.

4. What story does Uncle Remus reinvent involving a pig named Runt?
(a) The Three Little Pigs.
(b) The Sky if Falling.
(c) Jack and the Beanstalk.
(d) Hansel and Gretle.

5. Why does Brer Rabbit free Brer Fox from Mr. Man's trap?
(a) because Mr. Man goes to get the dogs.
(b) because Mr. Man want to catch gophers.
(c) because Brer Fox cries for his family.
(d) because it was only a joke.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brer Wolf end his fight with Brer Fox?

2. For what purpose does Brer Rabbit use a cannon and a bucket of nasty slop water?

3. What causes Brer Fox to fall into the pond?

4. What does Aunt Tempy think about African Jack's talk about spirits?

5. Who is the main storyteller of the book?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the subject matter one evening that disturbs Aunt Tempy and the little boy?

2. What happens to Brer Wolf as he is being raised to the top of Brer Rabbit's steeple?

3. How does the book open with the initiation of the little boy?

4. Why does Brer Fox get dragged along behind Brer Wolf?

5. What is the bait Brer Fox uses to entrap Brer Rabbit the first time?

6. How does Brer Rabbit convince the fox to take his place in Mr. Man's box trap?

7. Describe the little boy's reaction to the tale of the race between Brer Rabbit and Brer Tarrypin.

8. Describe Brer Bear's reaction when he discovers he has been hoodwinked by Brer Rabbit in the peanut patch.

9. Describe the variations on the same theme told by Uncle Remus, African Jack, and Aunt Tempy.

10. What is the social comment Uncle Remus makes regarding Miss Goose and her relationship to white folks?

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