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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Brer Fox and Brer Wolf not run away when they hear Brer Bear coming?
(a) they are paralyzed by fear.
(b) they get their feet stuck in some tar.
(c) they think it is only the wind they hear.
(d) for fear they would be laughed at for cowardice.

2. In the tale, A Fool for Luck, what amazes the man as he watches?
(a) how his corn grows so tall.
(b) how his corn turns into money.
(c) how the bees swarm around his corn.
(d) how squirrels steal his corn.

3. According to Aunt Tempy, how does the wolf get into the meeting of the horned cattle?
(a) by disguising himself as a man.
(b) by disguising himself as a horned cow.
(c) by disgusing himself as a rabbit.
(d) by bringing salt blocks to the meeting.

4. What childhood story had been denied the little boy, keeping the wings of his imagination clipped?
(a) Grimm's Fairytales.
(b) the story of Santa Claus.
(c) The Little Prince.
(d) Aesop's Fables.

5. What tale does Uncle Remus tell about Brer Rabbit and Unk Moon?
(a) how Brer Rabbit decides to live on the moon.
(b) messages Brer Rabbit delivers between Mr. Man and the moon.
(c) how the critters take big bites out of the moon.
(d) how Mr. Man cures Unk Moon of his illness.

6. How does Brer Rabbit trick the lion into letting his tail be tied to a tree?
(a) Brer Rabbit dares the lion to stay 3 days under the tree.
(b) Brer Rabbit challenges the lion to pull down the tree.
(c) Brer Rabbit tells the lion that squirrels will fall from the tree.
(d) Brer Rabbit convinces the lion that a storm is coming.

7. After promising to nurse baby alligators, what does the bear do?
(a) he eats their mama.
(b) he sells them.
(c) he leaves them alone.
(d) he eats them.

8. How is Brer Rabbit's idea of sewing the dog's mouth shut like the Aesop fable of the Mice and the Cat?
(a) mice fear the dog in one story and the cat in the other.
(b) no one wnts to do the sewing like no one would bell the cat.
(c) the dog never closes his mouth like the cat.
(d) rabbits and mice have no fingers to use for sewing.

9. Tracking the squirrels, what does the man find?
(a) money and honey.
(b) bees and trees.
(c) nuts and bolts.
(d) corn and cabbage.

10. What does Uncle Remus mean when he talks about the "behime" wheels of a wagon?
(a) he means the slow wheels.
(b) he means the rear wheels.
(c) he means the bottom wheels.
(d) he means the biggest wheels.

11. What does the little boy tell Uncle Remus he wishes he could do?
(a) jump into the briar patch.
(b) growl.
(c) fly.
(d) catch chickens.

12. How does the witch-wolf disguised as a woman get found out?
(a) she howls at the moon.
(b) she eats raw meat.
(c) her teeth grow long.
(d) a cow fears her.

13. According to Uncle Remus, what did folks always have to pass no matter where they were going a long time ago?
(a) the little brown church.
(b) the judge's house.
(c) the haunted house.
(d) the blacksmith shop.

14. What gives Brer Rabbit the idea to play a trick with a barrel of hot water?
(a) watching Mr. Man take a hot bath.
(b) watching the hogs clean up.
(c) watching Mr. Man clean the hair off of slaughtered hogs.
(d) watching how hot rocks make the water hot in a barrel.

15. What does the terrapin say about what he learned from the buzzard?
(a) he needs help to get off the ground.
(b) he can fly but he can't land.
(c) he prefers flying to swimming.
(d) he never learned to fly.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the stories change a bit, what does the little boy wonder about?

2. What does Uncle Remus say the animals don't know the difference about?

3. After listening to Brer Rabbit recount this conversation with Manny-Bammy-Big-Money, what does Brer Lion do?

4. When the little boy grows up and has his own son, what does Uncle Remus say about the training the boy gets from his mother?

5. What is Uncle Remus' explanation about why dogs sniff in the air?

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