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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Uncle Remus say the guineas stay awake all night?
(a) they like to count the stars.
(b) they can see better in the dark.
(c) they like to talk to each other in the dark.
(d) they were once caught sleeping by the fox.

2. How does Uncle Remus explain Brer Rabbit to the little boy?
(a) he never relized that he wuz sposed to be weak.
(b) what he can't do wid his foots he kin do wid his head.
(c) when he was borned he got a speshul blessin.
(d) he was de las of de talkin rabbits.

3. What tale does Uncle Remus tell about Brer Rabbit and Unk Moon?
(a) messages Brer Rabbit delivers between Mr. Man and the moon.
(b) how the critters take big bites out of the moon.
(c) how Brer Rabbit decides to live on the moon.
(d) how Mr. Man cures Unk Moon of his illness.

4. When the storyteller changes, who tells tales to children named Lillian and Lucien?
(a) Aunt Tildy.
(b) Crazy Sue.
(c) African Jack.
(d) Uncle Rodger.

5. In the tale, Brother Fox and the White Muscadines, what happens after Brer Rabbit helps him climb a tree?
(a) he injures himself in a fall out of the tree.
(b) he throws the Muscadines down and Brer Rabbit takes them.
(c) the hawk comes and pushes him out of the tree.
(d) he eats so much that he cannot get down.

6. What does Uncle Remus say to the boy after the tale of the Doodang and he still wishes he could fly?
(a) to try jumping off the roof of his house.
(b) to fly to his mammy right then.
(c) to think hard and grow feathers.
(d) to ask his mammy how to fly.

7. What does the little boy's mother think about Uncle Remus' stories?
(a) they keep the boy from underfoot.
(b) they are good education for the boy.
(c) the aren't true.
(d) they should be written down.

8. How does Uncle Remus excuse Brer Rabbit for hideous behavior with Granny Wolf?
(a) Uncle Remus says Brer Rabbit was tough when pushed.
(b) Uncle Remus says Brer Rabbit was sleep walking.
(c) Uncle Remus says it's just a story and not true.
(d) Uncle Remus says the wolf had done worse to him.

9. What does the buzzard attempt to teach the terrapin?
(a) how to fly.
(b) how to sing.
(c) how to fish.
(d) how to jump.

10. What gives Brer Rabbit the idea to play a trick with a barrel of hot water?
(a) watching how hot rocks make the water hot in a barrel.
(b) watching Mr. Man clean the hair off of slaughtered hogs.
(c) watching the hogs clean up.
(d) watching Mr. Man take a hot bath.

11. According to Uncle Remus, what did folks always have to pass no matter where they were going a long time ago?
(a) the haunted house.
(b) the judge's house.
(c) the little brown church.
(d) the blacksmith shop.

12. What animal turns out to be the Creature With No Claws?
(a) a rabbit.
(b) an alligator.
(c) a white fox.
(d) a wildcat.

13. How does Mrs. Partridge frighten away Brer Rabbit?
(a) she spreads her wings like a buzzard.
(b) she makes noise to call other animals.
(c) she makes him think he's found snake eggs.
(d) she jumps out of an egg shell like an eagle.

14. According to Aunt Tempy, how does the wolf get into the meeting of the horned cattle?
(a) by disgusing himself as a rabbit.
(b) by disguising himself as a man.
(c) by bringing salt blocks to the meeting.
(d) by disguising himself as a horned cow.

15. How does Brer Rabbit trick the lion into letting his tail be tied to a tree?
(a) Brer Rabbit tells the lion that squirrels will fall from the tree.
(b) Brer Rabbit convinces the lion that a storm is coming.
(c) Brer Rabbit challenges the lion to pull down the tree.
(d) Brer Rabbit dares the lion to stay 3 days under the tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brer Rabbit fool the wolf as he eats the black snake's goodies?

2. How does Uncle Remus describe the buzzard's breakfast of dead hawk?

3. How does the small cricket cause the animals to run?

4. In what way does Uncle Remus personify the elements?

5. Who replaces Brer Rabbit as king of the creatures?

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