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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What results when the chimney falls in?
(a) the fox loses his hair.
(b) the birds loos their nests.
(c) the man freezes to death.
(d) the cricket gets elbows on his legs.

2. How does Brer Rabbit get the fox to chase a wagon?
(a) telling him that the wagon is filled with money.
(b) telling him that chickens fall from the wagon.
(c) telling him money will fall from the wheels rubbing together.
(d) telling him that he will get money for chasing the wagon.

3. When the stories change a bit, what does the little boy wonder about?
(a) why the stories are not about animals anymore.
(b) why the stories are all so sad.
(c) why the animals don't talk like before.
(d) why Brer Rabbit is not the hero any longer.

4. In what way does Uncle Remus personify the elements?
(a) he describes the dust as sneezing.
(b) he talks about Brer Dust and Cousin Rain.
(c) he tells about how the dust runs on two legs.
(d) he talks about rain making mud.

5. After listening to Brer Rabbit recount this conversation with Manny-Bammy-Big-Money, what does Brer Lion do?
(a) calls for the hide of Brer Fox.
(b) thanks Brer Rabbit for trying to help him.
(c) jumps out of bed cured of his burns.
(d) calls for a bowl of turtle soup.

6. what social event do the little boy and Uncle Remus attend?
(a) the marriage of Tildy and Jack.
(b) tea time at Miss Sally's.
(c) a church meeting on the plantation.
(d) a story telling contest.

7. How does Brer Rabbit trick the lion into letting his tail be tied to a tree?
(a) Brer Rabbit challenges the lion to pull down the tree.
(b) Brer Rabbit dares the lion to stay 3 days under the tree.
(c) Brer Rabbit convinces the lion that a storm is coming.
(d) Brer Rabbit tells the lion that squirrels will fall from the tree.

8. What plan does Brer Rabbit have that makes Brer Fox and Brer Wolf laugh?
(a) he plans to go bear hunting.
(b) he plans to raid Mr. Man's garden.
(c) he plans to race Brer Tarrapin.
(d) he plans to court Miss Meadows.

9. How does Uncle Remus have Brer Rabbit interfere in the human world?
(a) he persuades Mr. Man's daughter to run away.
(b) he plants doubt in Mr. Man who kicks out his daughter.
(c) he becomes a spy for Mr. Man on his daughter.
(d) he makes up stories about Mr. Man and his daughter.

10. What does the boy's grandmother, Miss Sally, think of Uncle Remus' stories?
(a) they are out of date.
(b) they are like the hair on a tarrapin's shell.
(c) they are worth listening to.
(d) they are so much nonsense.

11. How does Mrs. Partridge frighten away Brer Rabbit?
(a) she makes noise to call other animals.
(b) she jumps out of an egg shell like an eagle.
(c) she makes him think he's found snake eggs.
(d) she spreads her wings like a buzzard.

12. What is the only thing on the plantation that the little boy is afraid of?
(a) the deep water well.
(b) the blacksmith's shack.
(c) the old Shanghai rooster.
(d) his father's hunting dog.

13. Why does Uncle Remus say the bull grumbles and growls?
(a) a boy learns his secret for becoming a man.
(b) he eats too much green clover.
(c) his legs get tired holding him up.
(d) a man rides him like a horse.

14. How does the small cricket cause the animals to run?
(a) by making a sound like a train coming.
(b) by making a sound like a lion.
(c) by making a sound like a man shooting a gun.
(d) by making a hurricane sound in their ears.

15. Why does Uncle Remus say he sometimes groans?
(a) because he has a stomachache.
(b) because he is so old.
(c) because he gets cold.
(d) because he has too much work to do.

Short Answer Questions

1. What absurd things does Teenchy-Tiny-Duck have in his bag?

2. What gives Brer Rabbit the idea to play a trick with a barrel of hot water?

3. How does Mr. Lion get into the barrel of hot water?

4. How is Brer Rabbit's idea of sewing the dog's mouth shut like the Aesop fable of the Mice and the Cat?

5. How does Brer Wolf attempt to entice Brer Rabbit to come near him?

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