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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the little boy tell Uncle Remus he did the night before?
(a) dreamed of the creatures.
(b) made up his own story.
(c) ate rabbit for dinner.
(d) climbed out his bedroom window.

2. How does Brer Rabbit gain entry into a wonderful garden?
(a) he digs a tunnel under the fence.
(b) he dashes in when the man opens the gate.
(c) he gets the eagle to fly him over the wall.
(d) he tricks a little girl into unlocking the gate.

3. What becomes of the blacksmith that made a deal with the Devil which prevented him from both Heaven and Hell?
(a) he becomes an owl that never dies.
(b) he flies like a bat at night.
(c) he roams the earth as a Jacky-my-lantern.
(d) he eats little children who go out at night.

4. Why does Brer Fox sit under a sycamore with his mouth open?
(a) waiting for pecans to fall.
(b) waiting for Brer Wolf's daughter to come by.
(c) waiting to learn a bird call.
(d) waiting for a Pimmerly Plum to drop in.

5. What story does Uncle Remus reinvent involving a pig named Runt?
(a) The Sky if Falling.
(b) Hansel and Gretle.
(c) The Three Little Pigs.
(d) Jack and the Beanstalk.

6. What upsets the little boy about the possum and the missing butter?
(a) the possum made it look like the wolf ate the butter.
(b) Brer Rabbit told a lie about the possum.
(c) the possum dies when he wasn't guilty of eating it.
(d) the possum did not get any butter to eat.

7. What trick of Brer Possum fails to save Brer Fox for the Man's whip?
(a) running into a hollow tree.
(b) eating butter.
(c) jumping over a bonfire.
(d) playing dead.

8. How does Brer Rabbit trick Brer Fox about pinning down the horse?
(a) he tells him to drive the horse into the briar patch.
(b) he tells him to jump on the horse's back.
(c) he tells him to feed the horse apples.
(d) he tells him to tie himself to the horse's tail.

9. When the other animals exclude Brer Rabbit, how does he get them to come to him?
(a) he invites Miss Meadows and the girls to his house.
(b) he paints his house pink.
(c) he hires a band.
(d) he builds a steeple on his house.

10. Why does Brer Fox make the tar baby?
(a) to decorate the Big Road.
(b) to have Brer Rabbit's curiosity get him caught.
(c) to have someone to talk to.
(d) to make fun of Brer Rabbit.

11. What excuse does Brer Fox give Brer Rabbit for having a meeting?
(a) to share a meal.
(b) to plan a trip.
(c) to play a trick on Brer Bear.
(d) to have a confab.

12. What tale by Uncle Remus probably causes the accusation of racism leveled at Joel Chandler Harris?
(a) the tale of Where the Negro Came From.
(b) the tale of Why the Negro is Black.
(c) the tale of Why the Negro is a Slave.
(d) The Sad Fate of Mr. Fox.

13. What is African Jack's version of the hungry rabbit and wolf?
(a) they plan to eat their grandmothers.
(b) they wrestle to eat each other.
(c) they sell their grandmothers.
(d) they eat their grandmothers' food.

14. How does the rabbit explain the disappearance of the horses and cart to the wolf?
(a) he plays unconcsious as though he were attacked.
(b) he bloodies his nose and says robbers came.
(c) hehides the cart and shoos the horses away.
(d) he holds two horse tails buried in the sand.

15. What does Aunt Tempy think about African Jack's talk about spirits?
(a) she wants to find a ghost to talk to.
(b) she remembers ghosts she has seen.
(c) she thinks African Jack is stupid.
(d) she hopes never to be haunted.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the rumor about African Jack?

2. Who is the main storyteller of the book?

3. What trick does Brer Tarrypin use to make himself look stronger than Brer Bear?

4. Why does Uncle Remus say he cannot tell the boy Mr. Man's real name?

5. What excuse does Brer Rabbit give for stopping work on the corn patch?

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