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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brer Rabbit use to keep Brer Fox from catching him in Miss Meadows' chimney?
(a) he tosses down soot from the chimney.
(b) he spits rabbit tobacco in his eye.
(c) he drops on Brer Fox's head and knocks him out.
(d) he climbs out the top and jumps off the roof.

2. How does Brer Rabbit warn Brer Fox to keep his distance?
(a) he says he has a cold.
(b) he says he has a fox trap.
(c) he says he is full of fleas.
(d) he says he has a big stick.

3. What fool's errand does Brer Tarrypin put Brer Fox, Brer Bear, and Brer Wolf up to?
(a) trying to get honey out of a wasp nest.
(b) trying to eat sour grapes.
(c) trying to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
(d) trying to seine the reflection of the moon out of the pond.

4. What does Brer Rabbit tell Brer Fox to get him to change places in Mr. Man's trap?
(a) that he is getting paid to scare away the squirrels.
(b) that Brer Tarrypin will think it is safe for him to come near.
(c) that Mr. Man is looking for a pet to feed and care for.
(d) that Miss Meadows put him there to take him to a party.

5. What causes Brer Fox to fall into the pond?
(a) a mud slide.
(b) Brer Tarrypin's tail.
(c) the frogs.
(d) his reflection.

6. What is African Jack's version of the hungry rabbit and wolf?
(a) they wrestle to eat each other.
(b) they plan to eat their grandmothers.
(c) they eat their grandmothers' food.
(d) they sell their grandmothers.

7. What trick of Brer Possum fails to save Brer Fox for the Man's whip?
(a) eating butter.
(b) jumping over a bonfire.
(c) playing dead.
(d) running into a hollow tree.

8. According to Uncle Remus, which character are both Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox sweet on?
(a) Miss Meadows.
(b) Miss Meadows' younger daughter.
(c) the King Deer's daughter.
(d) Miss Sally.

9. What animal does Brer Fox meet up with in the tale, How Brother Fox Was Too Smart?
(a) a skunk.
(b) a porcupine.
(c) a wildcat.
(d) a badger.

10. How does Daddy Jack change Uncle Remus' story about the fox in the garden?
(a) he tells how the possum tricked the fox.
(b) he tells how the fox got away.
(c) he adds a possum to the story.
(d) he changes the fox for a possum.

11. What is the rumor about African Jack?
(a) that he talks in his sleep.
(b) that he is insane.
(c) that he is a conjurer.
(d) that he is the Devil.

12. All covered with leaves, what does Brer Rabbit call out to scare Brer Fox and Brer Wolf?
(a) Whip-poor-will
(b) Wull-er-de-Wust
(c) I-doom-er-ker-du-mer-ker
(d) Boo

13. How does the rabbit explain the disappearance of the horses and cart to the wolf?
(a) he plays unconcsious as though he were attacked.
(b) he bloodies his nose and says robbers came.
(c) hehides the cart and shoos the horses away.
(d) he holds two horse tails buried in the sand.

14. How does Uncle Remus explain the cure for a plantation witch?
(a) bars on the windows keep him from going out in the night.
(b) chicken blood sprinkled on the witch makes him lose power.
(c) salt on his shed skin causes the witch agony when he returns.
(d) salt in the witch's bed keeps him from transforming into a bat.

15. What upsets the little boy about the possum and the missing butter?
(a) the possum made it look like the wolf ate the butter.
(b) Brer Rabbit told a lie about the possum.
(c) the possum did not get any butter to eat.
(d) the possum dies when he wasn't guilty of eating it.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Daddy Jack's story, why does the Snake eat the woman's baby?

2. How does Brer Wolf end his fight with Brer Fox?

3. What does Uncle Remus remark when the little boy asks what happened to the possum?

4. Why is Brer Rabbit safe in the briar patch?

5. How does Brer Rabbit gain entry into a wonderful garden?

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