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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Brer Rabbit get revenge on Brer Wolf?
(a) he gets him caught in the briar patch.
(b) he causes a quarrel between him and Brer Fox.
(c) he locks him in a chest and pours hot water on him.
(d) he calls in help from the dogs.

2. Why is Brer Rabbit safe in the briar patch?
(a) because he has heavy clothes on.
(b) because he knows a secret passage there.
(c) because he was born and grew up there.
(d) because he isn't allergic to briars.

3. How does Brer Possum react when attacked by the dog?
(a) he goes at the dog with tooth and claw.
(b) he screams for help from Brer Coon.
(c) he runs into the brair patch.
(d) he falls over as though he is dead.

4. What does Aunt Tempy think about African Jack's talk about spirits?
(a) she thinks African Jack is stupid.
(b) she hopes never to be haunted.
(c) she wants to find a ghost to talk to.
(d) she remembers ghosts she has seen.

5. How does Brer Rabbit make dust from a rock?
(a) by putting ashes in his shoes.
(b) by dusting the rock with flour.
(c) by dropping a bigger rock on it.
(d) by rolling the rock down a hill.

6. What trick of Brer Possum fails to save Brer Fox for the Man's whip?
(a) eating butter.
(b) running into a hollow tree.
(c) playing dead.
(d) jumping over a bonfire.

7. What is African Jack's version of the hungry rabbit and wolf?
(a) they eat their grandmothers' food.
(b) they wrestle to eat each other.
(c) they sell their grandmothers.
(d) they plan to eat their grandmothers.

8. Who answers Brer Tarrypin by saying, "knee deep"?
(a) Miss Meadow's girls.
(b) Brer Rabbit.
(c) the frogs.
(d) the dog.

9. What does Brer Rabbit trick Brer Fox into doing to go to Miss Meadows' house?
(a) having a race to see who gets there first.
(b) letting him ride Brer Fox like a horse.
(c) pulling him in a wagon.
(d) getting him to put on a dress.

10. What excuse does Brer Rabbit give for stopping work on the corn patch?
(a) he offers to go bring food to the workers.
(b) he says he hears his family calling.
(c) he claims to have a thorn in his hand.
(d) he pretends to have a bad back.

11. According to Uncle Remus, which character are both Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox sweet on?
(a) Miss Meadows' younger daughter.
(b) Miss Meadows.
(c) the King Deer's daughter.
(d) Miss Sally.

12. Who is the main storyteller of the book?
(a) Miss Sally.
(b) Brer Rabbit.
(c) Africa Jack.
(d) Uncle Remus.

13. What lie does Brer Rabbit tell Mr. Man to trick him out of his meat?
(a) that Brer Wolf smells it and is coming to get it.
(b) that the meat is really buzzard meat.
(c) that it was poisoned by Brer Buzzard.
(d) that it smells and Mr. Man must drag it behind him.

14. Why does Uncle Remus say that Brer Bear is likely stuck in a hollow tree to this day?
(a) Brer Bear will not turn loose of the honeycomb.
(b) Brer Rabbit put grease on the tree so he cannot come down.
(c) Brer Rabbit put glue into the hole in the tree.
(d) Brer Rabbit stirs up the bees to swell Brer Bear's head.

15. What does Brer Rabbit use to keep Brer Fox from catching him in Miss Meadows' chimney?
(a) he drops on Brer Fox's head and knocks him out.
(b) he spits rabbit tobacco in his eye.
(c) he climbs out the top and jumps off the roof.
(d) he tosses down soot from the chimney.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the absence of Uncle Remus, who tells the little boy tales?

2. For what purpose does Brer Rabbit use a cannon and a bucket of nasty slop water?

3. In Daddy Jack's story, why does the Snake eat the woman's baby?

4. What does Uncle Remus do for the little boy that he did for Miss Sally when she was a girl?

5. What does Brer Fox think Brer Rabbit is doing down in the well?

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