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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 9, Seven Tales of Uncle Remus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Daddy Jack change Uncle Remus' story about the fox in the garden?
(a) he adds a possum to the story.
(b) he changes the fox for a possum.
(c) he tells how the fox got away.
(d) he tells how the possum tricked the fox.

2. How does Uncle Remus say the crow sounds when he squawks?
(a) like a preacher on Sunday morning.
(b) like a blacksmith banging his anvil.
(c) like a Philadelphy lawyer.
(d) like a freight train.

3. What absurd things does Teenchy-Tiny-Duck have in his bag?
(a) a fox, a river, a ladder, and a swarm of bees.
(b) a wagon, a horse, and a pitchfork.
(c) a lion, a coil of rope, a ladder, and a shovel.
(d) a ladder, a coal of fire, a fox, and two eagles.

4. What does Uncle Remus mean when he talks about the "behime" wheels of a wagon?
(a) he means the biggest wheels.
(b) he means the slow wheels.
(c) he means the rear wheels.
(d) he means the bottom wheels.

5. When Brer Rabbit takes the man's chickens, who gets the blame?
(a) the eagle.
(b) the weasel.
(c) the fox.
(d) the wolf.

Short Answer Questions

1. What message does Brer Rabbit arrange to have everyone deliver to the blacksmith?

2. What trick of Brer Possum fails to save Brer Fox for the Man's whip?

3. In Crazy Sue's story, why did the raccoon pretend to be dead?

4. Tracking the squirrels, what does the man find?

5. What animal does Uncle Remus mimic by saying, I-doom-er-ker-du-mer-ker?

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