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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 6, The Tales of Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the witch-wolf disguised as a woman get found out?
(a) her teeth grow long.
(b) a cow fears her.
(c) she eats raw meat.
(d) she howls at the moon.

2. Why does the fox's tail have a white tip?
(a) it got dipped into the whitewash for the fence.
(b) it got caught in a rabbit trap.
(c) it turned white when Brer Fox got scared.
(d) it caught on fire when he jumped over the bonfire.

3. How does Mr. Lion get into the barrel of hot water?
(a) he dives in head first.
(b) he gets pushed in by Brer Wolf.
(c) he backs in, sticking his tail through a hole in the barrel.
(d) he jumps in quickly to get used to the hot water.

4. What does the buzzard attempt to teach the terrapin?
(a) how to jump.
(b) how to sing.
(c) how to fish.
(d) how to fly.

5. Who is Mammy-Bammy Big-Money?
(a) the alter-ego of African Jack.
(b) the banker who tries to buy the boy's plantation.
(c) the one from whom Brer Rabbit got his lucky rabbit's foot.
(d) the old woman who lives on the next plantation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Brer Tarrypin get the quills back from Brer Fox?

2. Why does Uncle Remus insist that the story of the man and his corn is true?

3. According to Aunt Tempy, how does the wolf get into the meeting of the horned cattle?

4. What does Mr. Lion look like when he gets out of the barrel?

5. What is African Jack's version of the hungry rabbit and wolf?

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