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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 6, The Tales of Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. what social event do the little boy and Uncle Remus attend?
(a) tea time at Miss Sally's.
(b) a story telling contest.
(c) the marriage of Tildy and Jack.
(d) a church meeting on the plantation.

2. How does Brer Rabbit cause the other critters' plan to trap him to backfire?
(a) he brings his fiddle along and plays a tune for them.
(b) he plays along and then runs away fast as a horse.
(c) he overhears them and tricks them into going to Miss Meadows's house.
(d) he challenges them to a dance off contest.

3. What is the story of Mr. Lion and his wool an example of in the Uncle Remus stories?
(a) explaining why animals look the way they do.
(b) jokes Uncle Remus plays on the little boy's mind.
(c) Uncle Remus's lack of imagination.
(d) using animals that inhabit the southern states.

4. How does Brer Wolf attempt to entice Brer Rabbit to come near him?
(a) he plays like he hurt himself digging for gold.
(b) he asks Brer Rabbit to being a new shovel.
(c) he tells Brer Rabbit he found one of his children.
(d) he claims he found the gold mine.

5. What does Mr. Lion look like when he gets out of the barrel?
(a) he is completely bald.
(b) he has lost his hair except for the tip of the tail and his mane.
(c) he has turned a bright shade of red except for his mane.
(d) he looks like a wet hen with his wool drooping.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Aunt Tempy, how does the wolf get into the meeting of the horned cattle?

2. Who manages to get Brer Bear and his family to get out of their big, comfortable house?

3. Which animal was the only one not tricked out of the butter by Brer Weasel?

4. How does Brer Rabbit get Brer Fox's grandfather to go help get Brer Fox out of the bee gum?

5. What gets Brer Rabbit chased by Mr. Man's pack of dogs?

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