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Where Uncle Remus and the family live.

Uncle Remus' Cabin

Where most of the tales are told.


Where Uncle Remus stays with the family while the first little boy prepares to get married.

The River Plantation

A part of the estate where Daddy Jack lives.


Where Daddy Jack comes from.

The Nursery

Where the first little boy is confined following his illness and where Uncle Remus visits and tells stories during his convalescence.

The Laughing Place

An imaginary place described by Brer Rabbit. The second little boy tells Uncle Remus that his laughing place is wherever Uncle Remus happens to be.

The Big Road

The place where Brer Fox puts the tar baby to catch Brer Rabbit.

The Briar Patch

Where Brer Fox throws Brer Rabbit, allowing him to escape after being caught by the tar baby.

Mr. Man's Garden

Where Brer Rabbit is captured...

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