The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus Character Descriptions

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Uncle Remus

The freed slave storyteller of the book who entertains his former owner's son with tales of animal critters that he insists are true.

Miss Sally

The woman who had apparently owned Uncle Remus before slaves were set free.

The First Little Boy

Though never called by name, he was Miss Sally's son. He loves the stories told by Uncle Remus, spending many hours near the old man in order to hear more of the tales.

Second Little Boy

Miss Sally's grandson and the son of the first little boy.

Daddy Jack

He came from Africa as a man of about twenty and remains an important person on the river plantation, though he is advanced in years.

Aunt Tempy

She is an important figure in the household. It's noted that she and Uncle Remus were the two most important of the slaves who apparently remained once they...

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