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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Greenleaf have?
(a) No children.
(b) Five.
(c) Eight.
(d) Two.

2. What does Mrs. May see out her window?
(a) A fire behind the barn.
(b) Strangers lurking in the pastures.
(c) A bull grazing.
(d) Her front yard vandalized.

3. Who does Mr. Head live with?
(a) Nelson, his son.
(b) Nelson, his father.
(c) Nelson, his brother.
(d) Nelson, his grandson.

4. What is stolen from Joy?
(a) Her wig.
(b) Her clothes.
(c) Her artificial leg.
(d) Her virginity.

5. What does Parker have on his back by the end of “Parker’s Back”?
(a) A tattoo of wife and son.
(b) Hair.
(c) A rash.
(d) A tattoo of Jesus Christ.

6. How old is Thomas?
(a) Thirty years old.
(b) Twenty years old.
(c) Thirty-five years old.
(d) Twenty-five years old.

7. Why is Julian embarrassed by his mother?
(a) She falls and her teeth splay out of her mouth.
(b) She gets drunk at dinner and is insulting to everyone.
(c) She insists on holding his hand.
(d) She is patronizing and prejudice against the African Americans on the bus.

8. Where does Sheppard work on Saturdays?
(a) At the farm stand.
(b) At the hospital.
(c) At the grocer’s.
(d) At the reformatory.

9. How old is Asbury?
(a) 30.
(b) 40.
(c) 25.
(d) 45.

10. What does Dr. Block tell Asbury?
(a) That he is not a genius.
(b) That he is dying.
(c) That his mother is not dying.
(d) That he is not dying.

11. Where does Calhoun find them when he arrives to visit someone in “The Partridge Festival”?
(a) Bathing at the river.
(b) Cooking dinner.
(c) Grocery shopping.
(d) Sitting on the front porch.

12. What does the doctor want Julian’s mother to do?
(a) Lose weight.
(b) Visit Julian often.
(c) Gain weight.
(d) Nothing.

13. What does Tarwater dig in “You Can’t Be Any Poorer Than Dead”?
(a) A grave.
(b) A well.
(c) A pit.
(d) A hole.

14. Where does the stroke happen in “Why Do the Heathen Rage”?
(a) At the doctor’s office.
(b) At the diner.
(c) At the grocery store.
(d) At the state capitol.

15. Who is Calhoun going to visit?
(a) His cousins.
(b) His sister and aunt.
(c) His two great-aunts.
(d) His mother and sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Mr. Head and the family member he lives with going?

2. How old is Calhoun?

3. Besides her name and illness, what else does the girl fake in “The Comforts of Home”?

4. What is the girl’s real name in “The Comforts of Home”?

5. What does Thomas hide in the guest room in the hopes that the girl will find it?

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