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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 6, Book 6 : Chapter 2, Satiric Verses.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During these chapters, William Blake explains the Spectre further to readers. Here, he tells people that this entity is what?
(a) The power of God.
(b) The reasoning power of man.
(c) The compassion in people.
(d) The love of God.

2. Blake takes readers to this spiritual space that somehow defies normal comprehension by giving what impression?
(a) It exists somewhere on Earth.
(b) It does not exists.
(c) It is a unique and fantasy world.
(d) It both exists and does not exist at the same time.

3. After those are a string of further poems that seem designed how?
(a) To support the previous poems.
(b) To explain the previous poems.
(c) To be taken on their own.
(d) To support one another.

4. How is the term book used accurately to describe Blake's work?
(a) It is bound in a cover.
(b) It is written in paragraph form.
(c) It refers to the completeness of subject matter.
(d) It indicates the length of the work.

5. What does the author repeat?
(a) Certain thoughts.
(b) Certain places.
(c) Certain names.
(d) Certain thematic elements.

Short Answer Questions

1. They are _________________ related to the copious writings involving God, Satan, Urizen, Beulah, the Furnaces and the clouds.

2. The increasing power of England in the modern world readily overshadows what earthly city's might?

3. What is able to make resurrection a truth the masses can perceive, even if they are not manifesting it themselves?

4. What is Albion?

5. After this, there is the area under Numeral VII entitled The Everlasting Gospel which contains what?

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