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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Book 3 : Chapter 1, Unengraved Prophetic Works.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This is an entirely _____________ creative work by the author and include his visual art (he both draws and etches).
(a) Useless.
(b) Odd.
(c) Similar.
(d) Different.

2. How do these repetitions affect the tale?
(a) The author is able to explain the tale to readers.
(b) The author is able to aid the reader in visualizing the location of this tale.
(c) The author is able to grow the tale while making the most of what he has invented so far.
(d) The author is able to express his opinions through this tale.

3. The next portion commences with what?
(a) The grief-stricken King searches for his sons.
(b) The grief-stricken King dies.
(c) The grief-stricken King refuses to leave his wife.
(d) The grief-stricken King wandering off.

4. When the King eventually comes upon others, what guise has he taken up?
(a) That of a harmless, old wandering man.
(b) That of a mentally-ill King.
(c) That of a wealthy patron of the arts.
(d) That of a poor King.

5. The story continues to move along in its _____________.
(a) Confines.
(b) Simplicity.
(c) Structured path.
(d) Complexity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Shortly, the sad and perhaps frightened, paranoid or suspicious old man is speaking of what?

2. The poetry is akin to some of his preceding works in what way?

3. He writes of the need to give and receive what?

4. What is a natural side effect of employing this aspect?

5. In the first section, Blake sets forth arguments and principles pertaining to his beliefs and perception of what?

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