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Christianity and the Bibleappears in The Complete Poems

The author draws on these for imagery, to make statements, and to depict internal struggles.

Madnessappears in The Complete Poems

This is an element in every book by the author, and comes from the author's own life experience.

Deathappears in The Complete Poems

This, referred to throughout the author's work, is a primary concern of the author as a poet.

Greek Mythsappears in The Complete Poems

These are referred to by the author. They are usually revised in order to relate them to some element of the author's inner life.

Fairy Talesappears in Transformations

The author pokes holes in many of these in order to illustrate the dated morality and sexual politics they contain.

The Institution of Marriageappears in The Complete Poems

This is alternately portrayed as a trap, a comfort, and a convenient arrangement by the author.

Feminismappears in The Complete Poems

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