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Lesson 1 (from To Bedlam and Part Way Back)


To Bedlam and Part Way Back

Confessional poetry is a style of poetry that deals with the facts and intimate mental and physical experiences of the poet's own life.This style of poetry is personal, even intimate, often causing the reader to feel as if he or she is reading the poet's personal journals. Anne Sexton's poetry is in confessional style. The objective of this lesson is to learn what confessional poetry is using the poetry of Anne Sexton.


1) Class Discussion: What is poetry? What is confessional poetry? How can you identify confessional poetry? How did confessional poetry develop? What made confessional poetry controversial in literature? Is confessional poetry considered controversial today? Why or why not?

2) Groups: Divide the students into groups of three or four. Have the students discuss the following. What personal subjects does Sexton address in To Bedlam and Part Way Back...

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