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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Severino's problem in "From 'The Life and Death of a Severino"?
(a) He can't remember his name.
(b) He has a common name.
(c) He has no name.
(d) His name is difficult to pronounce.

2. What can be deduced from the picture in "Family Portrait"?
(a) Only how the furniture was arranged.
(b) Each person's true character.
(c) How the people felt about the furniture.
(d) How the people felt about each other.

3. In "Pink Dog," what does the poet suggest about including the dog at Carnival?
(a) That it looks perfect painted pink.
(b) That it shouldn't be included.
(c) That it should wear a costume.
(d) That its toenails be painted pink.

4. What do the characters in Rainy Season; Sub-Tropics symbolize?
(a) Effects of different locales on humans.
(b) That most people are lost.
(c) Exaggerated human traits.
(d) Different human reactions to rain.

5. To what does the poet compare love in the third part of Three Valentines?
(a) A sea bird.
(b) A mother bird.
(c) A feathered bird.
(d) A baby bird.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the snail in "Giant Snail" pity himself?

2. How old is the poet in "In the Waiting Room"?

3. What is the subject of "My Last Poem"?

4. Who are the Brothers of the Souls in 'From "The Life and Death of a Severino"'?

5. What are on the porch in "Sunday at Key West"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does "12 O'Clock News" reveal about the way Bishop views familiar objects?

2. What is the moral Bishop puts forth in "Thank-You Note"?

3. What does the poet mean by the line "We are too innocent and wise" in "The Wave"?

4. Which stanza in section XIV of "From 'The Death and Life of a Severino'" seems different from the others?

5. What is the tone of "Lines Written in the Fannie Farmer Cookbook"?

6. How are the "Four Sambas" by Anonymous different from the rest of the poems in the book?

7. What is the effect on the reader of the surprise ending in Vinicius de Moraes' "Sonnet of Intimacy"?

8. How is the character in "The Giant Toad" an exaggerated human figure?

9. How does the location in "Santarem" parallel the Garden of Eden?

10. In what style is Bandeira's poem "Brazilian Tragedy" composed?

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