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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "Jeronimo's House" describe?
(a) A tiny house.
(b) A large house.
(c) A dog house.
(d) A barn.

2. How long does the poet spend in Brazil?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Eighteen days.
(c) Eleven days.
(d) Three weeks.

3. What does the tone of "Letter to N.Y." reveal about the friendship portrayed?
(a) They are just acquaintances.
(b) They frequently argue.
(c) It is intimate.
(d) They have just met.

4. Why does Bishop love the sea?
(a) It is ever-changing.
(b) It is unchanging.
(c) She loves to swim.
(d) It is both ever-changing and unchanging.

5. What does the viewer hear in "View of the Capitol from the Library of Congress"?
(a) A brass band playing.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A protest.
(d) An orchestra playing.

6. What is the poet surprised to learn?
(a) That Brazil has a flag.
(b) That the people of Brazil are well-off.
(c) That the people of Brazil are poor.
(d) That Brazil does not have a flag.

7. What types of fish does the old man in "At the Fishhouses" catch?
(a) Codfish and herring.
(b) Salmon and herring.
(c) Codfish and bass.
(d) Salmon and bass.

8. To what topic do many of Bishop's observations in the poems in North and South pertain?
(a) Nature.
(b) Geography.
(c) Politics.
(d) History.

9. What were the poet's initial reactions to Brazil?
(a) Curiosity and distaste.
(b) A desire to stay for many years.
(c) Hatred.
(d) Admiration.

10. What does the man in "Songs for a Colored Singer do?
(a) Gambles too much.
(b) Drinks too much.
(c) Fights too much.
(d) Cheats on her.

11. Who is depicted in "Visits to St. Elizabeth's"?
(a) A Catholic in a fur hat.
(b) A Jew in a newspaper hat.
(c) A Catholic in a newspaper hat.
(d) A Jew in a fur hat.

12. What is the subject of "The Gentleman of Shalott"?
(a) A man traveling on water.
(b) A man looking at his reflection in water.
(c) A man looking into a mirror.
(d) A man breaking a mirror.

13. What effect does the tone have on the Four Poems?
(a) It makes them specific to the two people portrayed in them.
(b) It makes the reader more sympathetic to the plight of the people portrayed in them.
(c) It makes them more universal.
(d) It makes the reader less sympathetic to the plight of the people portrayed in them.

14. Why is the auntie surprised by the burglar's actions in "The Burglar of Babylon"?
(a) He has always had a giving nature.
(b) He lacks the courage to break the law.
(c) She is surprised he is not setting a good example for his children.
(d) She raised him to be honest.

15. What are two things Bishop and Moore can do together, as described in "Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore"?
(a) Walking and talking.
(b) Walking and having tea.
(c) Shopping and talking.
(d) Writing and having lunch.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what does the poet compare the long, relentless rain in "Questions of Travel"?

2. Where does the old man in "At the Fishhouses" bring his fish?

3. What color are the Brazilian warehouses?

4. Why is Bishop so eager to have Moore visit her?

5. What does the man in "The Gentleman of Shalott" believe about being only part of a man?

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