The Complete Poems, 1927-1979 Fun Activities

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Poem Illustration

Choose a poem and draw or paint a picture to illustrate it.

Letter to Letter to N.Y.

Write a response from Louise Crane to Bishop's "Letter to N.Y." using the same format.

Poem in the Style of 12 O'Clock News

Choose a group of everyday objects that are important to you and write an article about each in the style of "12 O'Clock News."

Poetry Performance

Choose a poem by Bishop you'd like to perform on stage. Have musicians, dancers, and/or video images accompany you.

Poetry Translation

Ask a foreign language teacher to provide you with a foreign language poem and a literal translation. Choose alternate words, a rhyme scheme, and/or meter, and develop it into a finished work of poetry.

Sonnet or Sestina

Research the formula for a sonnet or sestina and write one on any topic.

Poet Biography

Choose one of the...

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