The Complete Poems, 1927-1979 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Several poems pay homage to water.

• The water described is in Newfoundland, the U.S., and Paris.

• The waters seem to have a secret life.
• In "The Gentleman of Shalott," a man stares into a mirror, comparing his half to his reflection.

• He thinks that without the mirror, he would only be half a man.

• He decides that half would be enough.
• The poems dedicated to morning each describe a different aspect.

• Each person sees some of the same things, but they have different meanings for each person.

• "Roosters" describes the first crowing at dawn and the unpleasant reactions of those who hear it.
• "Jeronimo's House" describes a tiny house with vibrant color, flamenco music, and cheap decorations.

• The house could be in Spain or Brazil.

• The poem reflects Bishop's love for Spanish things.
• This section contains early poems.

• The poems share precise language and attention to...

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